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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WFMW: Dinner Solution Kids Will Love!

snack dinner

Around here we call it the Snack Dinner. It’s great for the hot summer nights, after a game, before dance class, when Mama is sick, for unexpected guests…and perfect for picky eaters.

The idea is to create a mini buffet that everyone can choose their own meal from. You can include leftovers (some cooked pasta, a meatball, whatever you have that’s not enough to go around), one or two picnicky dishes you can make ahead (here we have Curry Tuna Salad---recipe below), bread, crackers and lots of healthy snack foods: fruit, nuts, dried fruit, raw veggies, trail mix, dips, toasted pita, but stick to whatever you keep on hand. Our plate here has homemade bread and frozen grapes on it. Here are some suggestions:

  • raw baby carrots or carrot sticks
  • washed grapes (can be frozen)
  • almonds, pecans, cashews or peanuts
  • roasted pumpkin seeds or sunflower kernels
  • hulled strawberries
  • apply slices w/ peanut butter for dipping
  • granola
  • dried cranberries
  • dried dates
  • raisins
  • avocado mashed and mixed with lemon juice a pinch of garlic powder
  • guacamole
  • potato salad
  • fruit salad
  • hummus
  • what does your family like?

The rules are simple: each child gets to choose what they eat as long as they have at least one veg/fruit and one protein (otherwise they load up on carbs).

My recipe for:

Curry Tuna Salad (this is a use what you have recipe---all amounts are at your discretion, depending on personal taste and how much you are making)

  • 1-3 5-6 oz. cans water-packed light or white tuna, drained and flaked (your preference, make as much as you need, we typically need 3 cans)
  • finely chopped onion (I recommend vidalia or spring onions, if in season)
  • peeled and chopped apples (I recommend granny smith, but really any good eating apple will also work)
  • curry seasoning (your fave blend, to taste)
  • mayo, or Miracle Whip-type salad dressing
  • optional: dried cranberries, raisins, chopped walnuts

Note: I leave my tuna pretty chunky. It seems more substantial and we prefer the mouth feel, instead of having it real creamy…but that’s totally up to you.

More recipes: Cranberry Pork Roast, Roasted Veg with Cheese

This post is linked to Works for Me Wednesday over at We are That Family….be sure to head over there for more great tips!



  1. This is a great idea! We usually do this everyday for lunch with my toddler, but would also be great for dinner on a busy night.

    Oh and let me just say that I LOVE frozen grapes, but my son doesn't have a taste for them yet!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I should note that frozen grapes should only be given to older children...or cut in half. Whole grapes are definitely a choking hazard.

  3. Sounds like a great idea. You're making me hungry!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the generic vs brand diapers. :)


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