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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review: LobsterNetwork

LobsterNetwork? Is it…

  • A. tips and tricks for fixing fresh seafood in your own home?
  • B. a website for recording lobster sightings?
  • C. a fan club dedicated to the B-52’s big hit Rock Lobster?
  • D. a social media outlet for crustaceans?

No. No. No…and definitely Not!

What LobsterNetwork stands for:


What LobsterNetwork IS:

  • 100% FREE secure website
  • an on-line inventory where you can keep a record of:
    • books
    • audios
    • videos
    • and any household item
  • a place where you can create lending library
  • a place to sell curriculum or household items
  • a place to give things away

Your free account allows you to enter countless items into your inventory, complete with description, serial numbers, even a photo, if you like. What you do with your listings is up to you.

Keep them private to have an inventory of your stuff---handy for those of us who have so many books we tend to forget what we have (ahem). Also handy for documenting your belongings for insurance purposes---no chance of your records being lost in a fire.

Share them with a private community---maybe get your local homeschool group on board. You’ll be able to lend things out or sell to people you know and trust…or even give something away to a good home. Got a steam cleaner you only use a couple times a year? List it with your community so your friends will know you have it and can borrow it from you. Want to sell something locally so you don’t need to deal with shipping it? List it on your private community.

Share them with the network---let the whole world know you’ve got things to sell.

I can see a tremendous amount of potential for this service. It would have been perfect for our old homeschool group in MO---they had a “library” stored at one member’s home, but no one checked things out because they didn’t know what was there. Having the resources listed on-line would have made it easy to know what was available and could have streamlined the check-out process.

I love the flexibility of setting how public or private things are. I also love the options for including info on each item…though I can see entering items becoming a bit time-consuming. Good typing practice for the kiddos, I think.

LobsterNetwork is a unique, FREE service, and worth checking out.

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