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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Raising Boys part...5? Or Mama's Alter Ego: Game Master

4-year-old boy: Mommy, you could make a computer game called "Dragon Flaps," with lots of dragons in it.
Mama: Dragon Flaps?
4-year-old boy: Yeah, you could make me that computer game.
Mama: Really?
4-year-old boy: Yeah, you could make that computer game for me!
Mama: !

I can't help but be flattered by his confidence in me (grin).


  1. LOL Dragon Flaps! Makes me think of undereye wrinkles.

    Yes, I love it when they think Mom can do everything. My oldest is getting a sniff of puberty, so I know those days are near an end.

  2. Yes, my ten-year-old still wants to believe that Mama can do anything, but you can tell...there's a change a comin'.


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