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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday’s Toolbox: Don’t Forget the Fun!

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A little while back I talked about raising super-learners. As a public school grad myself, it can be easy to forget that real learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. At a desk. With textbooks. My friend, Sister Tipster, has posted a wonderful article on the comfy chair at Tellin’ It. I’m going to add to that: make sure you add more than a sprinkle of fun!

Even a topic they are passionate about can become dry, dull and boring if you limit their exploration to reading, filling in the blanks and writing essays about it. It’s not necessary to write down every vocabulary word. Or put everything into a timeline. Or read every book on the subject. And even a colorful lapbook loses its appeal when it becomes a way of proving what you studied.

There’s a fine line between education and filing facts. One way to mitigate that is to remember that education is so much more than knowing facts. It involves the whole person. What better way to educate the whole person than by experiencing some of the the joyous beauties God’s creation has to offer?

Take a walk after lunch. Better yet, take a walk before and after lunch! Observe the spring flowers and see how many you can identify. Or just stop to smell them. And wait and see if your dear ones beg to know more about them. Or not. Maybe they would rather skip rocks across a creek and figure out how to get more skips. Or pretend they are seasoned mariners and build “daymarks” on shore to find their way home. And collect some creek water and take it home to view under a microscope. Or some tadpoles to raise into frogs.

You can learn about the whole world in books. But the whole world seems distant until you experience it up close.

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