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Monday, April 12, 2010

Review: What Am I? A Reader from AAS


You may recall my review a while back of the Beehive Reader from All About Spelling? Marie Rippel and Renee LaTulippe have created a brand new reader to go with level 2: What Am I? This book is a stand-alone product that can also be used on its own.

You will love the darling illustrations. This hardcover 160 page book is just the right size for your budding reader to tuck under her arm and take with her wherever she goes.

SamplePages3 Mary simply adored the Beehive Reader, so we were very excited to receive What Am I? and continue our journey into reading.

Most of the stories in this book (there are a few short poems, too) are sweet little tales about animals. They’re cute, a little funny and don’t draw undue attention to the fact that the book focuses on words with particular letter combinations to match up with the AAS lessons. There are a few false notes, or cases where a word was clearly used for it’s letter pattern when another word would have been more appropriate.

And then there are a couple of complete stories that seemed almost as though they were written by someone else. Here’s an excerpt from “An Elf in the Alps:”

We slept in this rustic cabin that

kept us hot and dry

as the winds of the Alps swept by.

The fun we had,

my timid elf and I!

Throughout this story (and a couple of others ) the language is more formal, less conversational, and is being forced into a mold. Here’s another example, from “Broken Robot:”

And I cannot omit the grand event of seven o’clock…

Silent and swift, Rob will drift up behind me, emit a shrill cry, and fling figs at me.

The thing about writing is that it has to sound right too, especially when your target reader is probably reading it out loud. Mary lost interest in the book when she encountered one of these. It just didn’t sound right. But I think she’ll be interested in some of the later stories, especially the one about a pony.

What Am I? will be available from All About Spelling after April 15th. The price is $19.95.

I received a complimentary copy of What Am I? from All About Spelling for review purposes. I received no compensation.


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