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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WFMW: The Simple Life, Day ???


Weeks ago I posted about cleaning out old baggage, one box a day. That worked pretty well…for a few days. And then everyone got sick, and life otherwise intervened and, I’ll be honest here, my momentum and motivation flew out the window. My self-esteem took a total nose-dive.

You see, I thought I could do this. And then I thought I definitely couldn’t do it. And then I had a slap yourself in the forehead moment. A little bit at a time is not enough for me. My life is littered with half-finished projects that will never be finished (many are now in the trash or on their way to Good Will), because their relevance is gone. Yes, getting organized, letting go of things that are no longer relevant to our lives is important. But my nature requires tangible results, real headway. Living with the mess over a long period of time while I putter here and there is simply not an option. And truly, it makes no sense. I can’t organize my life a box at a time, any more than I can contain my life in boxes. There are too many little things that won’t fit into a particular category. Too many big things that need a real home right now.

So here’s the new plan: one weekend at a time. And I’m totally coming clean here with pics and all. I am starting with the main room downstairs (we are living in a split-level, so this is the basement). Here’s the before (I warn you, it aint pretty, we have no other storage, so it’s all here):

basement room 001 basement room 002 Yes, that is a Christmas tree behind those boxes.

basement room 003 basement room 007A note: Last week I purposely moved a whole bunch of boxes and other stuff to the basement from the upstairs closets so I could go through them, so this is actually much worse than it had been.

Ok, this is not an overnight process. On Saturday I spent several hours working on this room. Several boxes and trash bags left our home never to return again. It probably actually looks even worse now because things are more spread out, rather than stacked and things have been left hanging out as I organize them (you have been warned):

basement room 008 Yes, the Christmas tree is still up!

basement room 009 Can you even tell? At the end of Saturday, I was feeling a bit downtrodden…I wanted to have made a real change. I wanted to impress my family and give them a whole new room (Ha, beware when you are trying to impress!). My ambitions were too big for the reality of the job. It took us a lifetime to accumulate all this stuff, I’m not going to shed it in a weekend. And all that stuff I gave up is gone forever, out of our lives. I wish I had weighed the things I sent on their way, so I could know exactly how much lighter our load is.

WFMW is being hosted at its old haunt, Rocks in My Dryer, this week.


  1. You can do it! One step at a time!

  2. Thank you for your encouragement!

  3. I feel for you! Our basement has looked like that many times, and we have a 5-year-old who wants to keep EVERYthing, ideally spread out across the dining room floor...and it's hard to begin working on such a big and chaotic project. But it always feels better to get a big chunk of it done! Good luck!


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