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Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

I did not watch the baby pull every dish/hand towel out of a drawer in the kitchen and throw them on the floor. And I definitely did not pick them all up and stuff them back in the drawer. I'm much too clean for that. I would never consider them clean after being on my cracker-crumb encrusted floor just because no one had stepped on them or dragged them across the floor yet.

I did not fail again in my attempt to totally clean out the downstairs family room and get rid of all the moving boxes. We have been unpacked for months and our home is completely free of clutter. My organization skills are my crowning catch me with as much as a hair out of place is simply unheard of.

I did not waste a half hour of my time on Sunday searching desperately for a comb. My children always put things like that away and each child has their very own comb they carefully put away and no I never find myself borrowing my husband's comb to fix my own hair. I never find combs in places like under the sofa cushions, or behind the trashcan or behind the toilet. And I've never felt a need to go to the store and buy a dozen combs and then hide a secret stash somewhere so that I'll never be without one.

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