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Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday: The Birthday


Ok, I admit it, when it comes to birthdays I have a tendency to…ahem, get a little carried away. I freely admit that it was me that organized that little jungle safari birthday party for David’s 7th birthday, complete with hanging vines, a jungle obstacle course, a (nearly) lifesize stuffed lioness (we call her Mama Tiger), a realistic looking plastic iguana, a snake hunt and 15 munchkin guests. Or the pirate 6th birthday with a real sail blowing in the wind, a plank to walk, temporary tattoos that decided to not be so temporary, a treasure hunt and a treasure map cake.

But that was before I had 4 kids, with one discovering the world of walking and discovering how well things like batteries from the junk drawer fit in her mouth. No more mega birthday parties for me. Who has the time?

Besides, I’m much more organized and less eager to impress these days. A little family get together to celebrate David’s 10th and Emma’s 1st (they are exactly 9 years and 1 day apart), was the perfect thing. No magical feats needed here. A simple cake and you’re done, right?

There’s simply no way on earth you would have found me decorating 2 cakes after midnight on Saturday (er, Sunday). Because it took the kids forever to go to sleep (I hate daylight savings). Or trying to figure out how to devise a mock-up of a “steam punk” submarine using an empty milk jug and some aluminum foil to put on the cake for the soon-to-be-10-year-old. And then giving up and going to plan “b” (you’ll see plan “b” later). Or consuming about a pound of sugar and butter in the form of various colors of buttercream.

And there’s simply no way I would go to bed without cleaning everything in sight, knowing that I had 10 grands, aunts, uncles and cousins coming the next afternoon with barely time for breakfast, church and lunch beforehand. Just because I simply had to sleep. You see, Emma never spends the night between Mommy and Daddy kicking Mommy in the ribs. Or pinwheeling and head-butting Mommy in the chin. And Peter never gets up at 4 am and insists that Daddy absolutely. Must. “Sweep” with him. Now. And then gets up at 6 am and demands food. So he doesn’t starve to death. Really. Never happens. And my family never arrives a half hour early.

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  1. I have 4 kids and I am getting tired of birthday parties! This week we had 2 kids with birthdays! My post talks about it a bit, too!
    Happy Monday!

  2. I would rather have them early than late. My hubby's family arrives LATE for everything and it is so irritating. My parents are always late too which is goofy because it is just the two of them. Enough sorry. Sounds like quite a production. Good for you!!

  3. The look on David's face when he saw his cake made it all worth it.

    Lateness is a given when you've got people coming with littles (we had late guests, too). I try not to mind either way. I figure early arrivers can help, but I find myself blushing when I'm in the middle of sweeping a very dirty floor and the doorbell rings. My bad really.

  4. Wow! I am just like you, only it is a little easier for me because I only have 2 little ones.

    Haha, hope it was fun!


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