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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If You Have Boys... this post at The Common Room. It will open your eyes (especially if you are a girl). I know now why...
  • My boys don't hear me when I give them explicit instructions.
  • They do understand the lesson I'm trying to give even when they are wrestling each other.
  • David hates worksheets, but loves computer math programs with movement on the screen.
  • My husband thought the washcloth I used as a burpy at Emma's baptism was bright was actually coral.
  • My husband throws all colors together into the washing machine.
  • My daughter won't wear clothes that don't go together, but my boys will just throw on the first thing they find.
  • None of my boys (hubby included) can find anything, even when it's right under their noses.
All of these things are perfectly natural, and nothing to get mad or irritated about. Boys and girls ARE different. I knew that. I just didn't really know what it meant.


  1. Some of those same things happen here. Yes, I knew boys and girls were different, too. Yet I don't always consider that when these "odd" behaviors show up. ;)

  2. The key, I think, is to realize that they're not really "odd" at all. It's hard to see it from the other side sometimes.

  3. Thanks for the link! I was pretty amazed when I heard Mr. Pudewa speaking on the differences between girls and boys, too. I learned a lot.


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