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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Great Dress to Impress Experiment

Last week I talked about presenting a professional image while homeschooling. On Thursday, I got up a little earlier, slipped into a dress, some hose and my black dress shoes (nope, not heels, after 4 pregnancies my feet don’t do heels), applied a little makeup and greeted the kiddos (for once) without a towel on my head.

The results were, hmmm…a little unexpected. I’ve heard countless times that a professional appearance and demeanor will bring better respect from students (my hubby has experienced this as a professor). Apparently my kiddos haven’t heard that. After telling me that I’m the prettiest mommy in the world they proceeded to…act exactly the same way they always do. Not follow directions, wrestle with each other, argue with each other, and so on. I saw not one iota of divergence from their normal attitudes. But my behavior did change.

In addition to being slightly less quick to lose my temper, ahem, I found that I was a whole lot less willing to do anything that might involve, say, getting my feet muddy. Seriously. Suddenly, walking a few (long) blocks away to the park and traipsing over muddy turf to the playground was distasteful. In my church shoes? Come on! And change out of my church shoes and put on my clunky clogs with my church dress? Get real! And, yes, we had just made this same trip to the park the previous day. It was fun in my jeans and my clunky shoes. Not so fun in my “professional” attire.

And truthfully, doing things like laundry or getting down on your hands and knees to wipe up spilt milk doesn’t work so well in church clothes either. So, I’ve decided to compromise: I’ll wear my comfy clothes and stop wearing a towel on my head.

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