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Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

We all had a great time visiting with my Mom and her friend Beve on Sunday.

Mom knows just how to entertain littles, offering plenty of finger foods for lunch and all the chicken nuggets they could hold.

My children are always well behaved when visiting someone's home. Especially the baby.

Emma would never play in the dog's water bowl. Or seek out the cleaned and hidden away dog food bowl, pull it out of the cabinet, chew on the steel rim and then put it on her head. And then drag it across the entire kitchen floor. And I absolutely would not blithely stand by and watch her do it with a smile on my face. Not me!

We really wanted to get home early to get the kiddos to bed. So we left for the restaurant quite early. We would not attempt to go out to dinner with a party of 8 with no reservations. I certainly have more sense than that! I would realize that we would end up waiting over 45 minutes for a table (even after arriving as early as 5), only to discover that the "table" was 2 back-to-back booths. And then proceed to wait 40 minutes for our food to arrive (eating out is highly over-rated---I do not miss it, at all, folks). Visions of carry-out and everyone sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk did not enter my head, even for a moment.

Dinner was totally uneventful. I did not have to watch Peter trying to eat applesauce with a soup spoon, I always bring normal-sized spoons with me for little mouths (what is it with restaurants that only have one size of spoon...and it's the soup spoon size! Wouldn't a plain, ordinary teaspoon make more sense, people?! Oh, yeah, sometimes they'll have an ice-tea spoon, gives the kiddos plenty of leverage for flinging their food across the table).

What's your favorite part about eating out with the kids?

Now check out what others are not doing.


  1. My favorite part of eating out is not eating out. It is way over-rated!

  2. Holy smokes, you're a brave woman! I thought my husband and I were crazy for eating out with our 4 kids, but eating out with a party of 8 is just plain scary. lol
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again soon.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  3. For the record, that was 4 adults and 4 kiddos...1 to 1, that's much better than I've got when I'm home alone with the munchkins.


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