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Friday, January 8, 2010

How Do I Get Fit After the Holidays?

  1. Carrying around a 20-lb baby
  2. Chasing the 20-lb baby down the hallway and catching her just before she puts a tiny piece of Lego in her mouth
  3. Wrenching the 20-lb baby away from her 47-pound 6-year-old sister who wants to carry her around the house like a baby doll
  4. Picking up the 55-lb 4-year-old and physically restraining him in time-out to keep him from tearing into a sib
  5. Shoveling snow
  6. Drinking lots of water
  7. Not eating the last piece of pie
  8. Not finishing the food the kiddos leave on their plates
  9. Not sneaking bits of cookie dough when they aren’t looking
  10. Not sitting here blogging when I could be up and moving around

I admit this is not a particularly challenging fitness routine (or is it?)…but you’ve got to start somewhere. That’s why I would love to win:


How are you getting fit after the holidays?

1 comment:

  1. I like your tips! I lead a ministry to young moms at my church, having raised my own family of five. I also homeschooled my oldest son. I love hearing their daily happenings and remembering those blessed busy times, while enjoying the blessed busy times with my expanding family now. (Spouses and grandkids)

    Good job!

    Dana Kruckenberg


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