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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Men’s Monday Meme

This is Midwest Mama’s husband: Midwest Papa, I suppose, except that we live on the East Coast now. (Contest for a new blogger name, MM?)

Tim has put out a call for men’s views on their favorite and least favorite things about the holiday season. Here are mine.

FAVORITES: Visiting with family, especially this year. We’re within easy driving distance of both sets of grandparents, for the first time since the kids were born. This Christmas was especially family-rich, with visits with my folks on the 24th and 26th, and a visit from my wife’s family on the 25th. In 13 years of living 800, then 1200 miles from the grandparents, we never had it so good.

LEAST FAVORITES: Snow. It’s actually worse where we came from in the midwest, but it’s pretty bad here, with 18+ inches on the ground up until a few days ago. It was fun for the kids, but with some still too little to endure it for long, we did not stay out enough to have a really great time.

Mundane answers, I know, but they’re true.

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