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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet me in St. Louis?

So I’ve been cranking out the reviews lately…ever notice how when you put things off, they always seem to pile up on you. Kinda like dirty laundry. Here’s another thing I’ve been putting off, posting loads (no pun intended) of pics. So, in an effort to get the first batch up and get to bed at a reasonable, ahem, hour for a change, I’ll spare you too much commentary.

These are some photos taken during our weekend stop in St. Louis during our summer trek from Missouri to Maryland, our new home.

maryvilleandtripeast 094 maryvilleandtripeast 096

Sculpture designed for photo ops…only in America:

maryvilleandtripeast 107 maryvilleandtripeast 109

And these are photos taken in Maryville in the days leading up to our departure…pardon me if I get a little teary.

The county fair:

maryvilleandtripeast 018 maryvilleandtripeast 021

We spotted the kiddos’ sitter at the fair sand he very graciously agreed to a photo while her cool friends tried not to notice.maryvilleandtripeast 024

The super slide was sooo cool!

maryvilleandtripeast 075

David and his best friends, Will and Dom:

maryvilleandtripeast 080 maryvilleandtripeast 081

Can’t go to the fair without checking out the tractors:

maryvilleandtripeast 034 I’ll get more photos up in the next week or so, got some editing to do, cheers!

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