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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Relocating to Maryland---and a Prayer Request

Many of you don't know this, yet, but our family will soon be moving from northwest Missouri to Maryland, the state where hubby and I grew up. We're excited about being closer to family, a little sad about leaving our adopted home and totally overwhelmed with the process of getting our house ready sell. It seems as though the daily packing of stuff, cleaning, rearranging furniture, painting, making minor repairs never's truly nightmarish how much STUFF a family can accumulate in a few short years, isn't it? You would not belieeeeve the stuff I've sold or given away already. And some of those things I've had to give up have been with me so long it feels like giving up a part of me. Funny how we become attached to the THINGS in our lives. I need your help...I need your prayers to help me get over this hurdle. Please, help me to clean my house through prayer, both my physical house and my emotional house. I promise to post pictures of the house we are leaving when it is ready to show:0)

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