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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Noticer by Andy Andrews

Do you need a little perspective?

Meet Jones, ageless, wandering and always with that same battered brown suitcase filled with...what, exactly? Jones is a mystery, an enigma, as is his suitcase that he never allows to leave his presence. Sounds like the beginning of a thriller, doesn't it? Actually, this is the latest book by inspirational speaker Andy Andrews, a mix of fact, fiction and spiritual wisdom, and it just might give you some that much needed perspective.

Jones is a man who notices things, things that others don't even see. He notices hidden heartaches, discontentment, fear, weakness, and loss. The stuff of everyday life that we hide from others. But he also notices the the other side of things, the silver-lining that we often don't see as we shroud ourselves in our own unhappiness. He shares his wisdom and provides a new perspective to those he encounters, giving them a new lease on life.

I recently received this book from Thomas Nelson to review on my blog. It was a quick, easy, but very enlightening read. While certainly not an example of high literature, the characters and their foibles are very real in their everyday concerns and spoke to me on a very personal level. I was surprised, for example, to find out that there are 4 different dialects of love and how they can make communication difficult between us and the ones we love---but it also made perfect sense and it's truly given me a new perspective on both past and present relationships. Even good relationships can be improved.

But perhaps the biggest message here is how most of us tend to see things only from our own truly narrow perspective and sometimes what we need is to widen our view, or even change the angle we view things from, to get the whole picture and our small part in it. Jones represents that coming out of ourselves and seeing things from a new perspective. He instills the characters with courage and wisdom, giving them the tools they need to grow and improve their lives from the inside out.

This short book ends with a list of probing discussion questions for the purposes of either discussing with a book group or for personal reflection. It's a workshop that's good for the soul (and your perspective).

For more information or to order, check out The Noticer.

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  1. Hello Susan! Thanks for visiting my blogs! I read some of your reviews and I must say that you really deserve to stay on our Homeschool Crew. Congratulations!

    Michelle Padrelanan


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