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Sunday, February 8, 2009

OK, Now I'm a Tea Snob!

So what's that weird looking contraption in my tea cup, you ask? It is a "deep infuser." It actually goes almost to the bottom of the cup and will fit in your teapot as well. Loose tea needs room to swim to develop all the of the many things I learned about tea at a recent tea party hosted by a homeschooling friend of mine. The tea and the info were presented by Jenni Binder, owner of Countryside Tea Room.

I've never drank so much tea in one afternoon in my life! For those of you who buy your tea in bags from Walmart (yep, that was me, too), you're probably wondering "what's the big deal?" Tea is tea, right? Try some of "Richard's Raspberry Chai": Indian tea, cloves, ginger, cardamon, pepper, cinnamon, raspberry leaf, raspberries, carrots, hibiscus, eldeberries, and bilberries. Add a tiny bit of raw sugar and a couple of teaspoons of half-n-half, and you've got heaven in a cup.

And unlike your paper teabags that you use once and toss, high-quality loose tea can be refreshed...a heaping spoonful will get you through your morning and you won't be full of jitters (all the caffeine is in the first cup)! One bag of loose tea for $7.99 will get you a lot farther than your 20 bag box of Celestial Seasonings, so the price is quite reasonable. Standard shipping is $3.50 and orders over $50 get free shipping! Be sure to check out Countryside Tea Room.

Disclosure: This post is uncompensated and unsolicited, it reflects my personal opinions and experiences.

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  1. Those tea strainers are great, aren't they! Cheers, Marian


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