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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's Be Scientists!

The December Module for the Schoolhouse Planner is Let's Be Scientist, a fun little unit study for the aspiring young science geek in your family. This 50+ page pdf is chock-full of gooey experiments like Ice Cream in a Bag, Oobligook, and Glowing Jello. You'll also find links for exploring the various systems of the human body, a couple of accompanying "body experiments," and on-line resources for Grossology (the science of gross, but fun, things). The unit is rounded out with activity sheets, quizzes, coloring pages, recipes, copywork pages, resource pages, and answer sheets.

There's not much new here (oobligook recipes run amok on the internet and are an old standby for elementary science and teaching about chemical reactions) and the scientific meat of the unit is a little on the lean side...pages 5-16 are devoted to actual experiments, things to research on the web and activity sheets. In addition, there are 5 coloring pages, 3 recipes (completely normal, nothing particularly scientific about them recipes), and half of the book is copywork pages from Genesis. Still, it's a nice little unit that could be completed in a couple of weeks and provides all your web-links. Just click on the links in the pdf and print out your activity pages---easy-peasy.

Let's Be Scientists is still available from the Schoolhouse Store for $7.95 (sale alert $3.98 right now) and is appropriate for year-round use (yep, even the Ice Cream in a Bag). It is a stand-alone unit study, so even if you don't have the Schoolhouse Planner, check this one out.

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