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Sunday, January 25, 2009

All About Homophones!

Marie Rippel, author of All About Spelling has done it again! This time, she's tackled one of those nagging problems that most children (and even some adults) have with spelling: homophones (words that sound the same, but are spelled differently). As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was fortunate to receive the e-book version of her newest book, All About Homophones.

All About Homophones is described as a complete tool kit, containing graphic organizers, worksheets, games, crossword puzzles and other fun stuff, as well as an exhaustive list of homophones to continue the learning. The worksheets are organized by grade level, with sheets provided for grades 1-8. You get 250 pages of resources to help your child in this difficult area and all student pages can be copied multiple times for your home use, so you can use this with all your kiddos.

The book starts with a brief introduction to homophones followed by various graphic organizers that can be used by your child for pairs and triplets of homophones he encounters in his everyday schoolwork or reading. After this you'll find the worksheets organized by grade level. Each grade level has worksheets for particular homophones that children will typically encounter at that reading level. So, in grades 1 and 2, there are only a handful of worksheets. For grades 3, 4 and 5, when most readers make their biggest strides, there's 1-1/2 to 2 dozen worksheets for each level. While this organization is helpful, you as the parent can easily tell which homophones your child may have trouble with and pick and choose as you please.

While the main part of each worksheet is about what you might expect---filling in the appropriate word from a homonym pair or triplet to complete the sentences---one fun aspect of these is the extension activities given at the bottom of each page. It might just be a "Fun Fact," or your child might get to write a tongue twister, or there may even be an opportunity to do some research. On the worksheet for not & knot, for example, the suggestion is to get a book about special knots that sailors or mountain climbers use and investigate knots. The crossword puzzles in the following section are a good wrap-up or stress-free quiz to determine if your child has mastered particular homophone sets.

In most programs, the worksheets would be the "meat" of the program, but if you remember my review on All About Spelling, you know that Marie Rippel knows the value of multi-sensory learning. The rest of the book is full of games, riddles, tongue-twisters and puns for helping your child get a full grasp of homophones. And, in addition to your answer keys, in the appendices you will also find a Mega List (and I do mean MEGA list) of homophones, so the learning can continue once you've exhausted the provided worksheets.

And how did David like it? Let me say that David is very anti-workbook. And he's also very good at homophones...I have his punster Dad to thank for that:-) So, I thought he wouldn't see much point in this, but I was wrong. As long as you choose worksheets that are appropriate for your child's reading level, I think they will find them engaging. David particularly enjoys writing tongue-twisters and he loves doing the crossword puzzles. (He also loves making up puns, though he was doing that before we started using this book.) The games are fun, too, not just "Memory" or "Fo Fish," though those are in there, but some imaginative new games that aren't too young for older kiddos. And we'll never exhaust the Mega List, though we may try. All About Homophones is a fun little departure from your regular spelling/language arts studies that you might do once a week or on sick days, but it's also a good resource to have when your child encounters a particular homophone in his reading.

All About Homophones is available as a 250 pages softcover book for $29.95 or as an e-book for $27.95. Click here for ordering information and a sneak peak inside the book.

And for more reviews on this product by other homeschoolers, click the banner below:


  1. Hey! Does the text version contain a CD to print the worksheets, or do you actually have to take the book to a photocopier to make the copies? Also, I got an email that if you enter the word FUN at checkout, you get $10 off. Maybe you said that in the review.

  2. The coupon is in the post immediately above the review. No cd with the book I'm afraid. While I normally prefer a physical book with such a small difference in price, the e-book might be the ticket in this case.


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