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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goin' Digital...Read to the end for a chance at a freebie!

Among the magazines aimed at homeschoolers is The Old Schoolhouse, a quarterly magazine with a Christian focus. This spring I took advantage of their special price on their new digital subscription to check it out...If your house is anything like mine, it's already a total paper landslide! Origami anyone?

You can view the digital issues online or download them to your computer. Be forewarned though, one issue is about 80 megs which makes it impossible to download unless you have a highspeed connection. In fact, when I first purchased the subscription, we had regular dial-up, and trying to read a magazine while tying up my phone line and waiting for the pages to load got old real fast, so I haven't really used it until recently (we finally broke down and got DSL).

Here's what I like about the digital version:
  • It saves paper and space in my house.
  • Just click on the "archive" button to pull up a previous issue rather than hunting for it all over your house.
  • Adjustable viewing options: you can change the magnification.
  • You can either "flip" through or choose an article in the table of contents and you're there.
  • You can download it to read when you're offline.
  • You can print a particular article and read it later.
But most things have a downside:
  • Reading a whole magazine on screen is hard on the eyes, and I just can't do it, but that's a matter of personal preference.
  • It doesn't appear to be compatible with Kindle or the Sony ebook reader or an mp3 player, so it's not portable.
  • You can't seem to just download one article, you have to download the whole shebang, which takes up a lot of precious harddrive (or thumbdrive) space (just ask my husband).
Pricewise it is probably about comparable to a print subscription: 16.95 for digital and 25.00 for print. And you won't miss out on any of the content...or the ads.

Now here's the fun part. How would you like to receive a free 1 year subscription to the Digital Old Schoolhouse Magazine? Leave a comment to this post and I'll put your name in the hat. Make sure that I have some way of contacting you if you don't use a Google ID. One person will receive a free digital subscription to the Old Schoolhouse Mag.

I promise, the next post will have nothing to do with products or reviews, honest!

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