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Virtual Curriculum Fair

Read about this first 2012 Virtual Curriculum Fair coming to Homeschooling Hearts & Minds beginning January 2, 2012!

Want to participate in the fun!  You'll find all the details you need here.

The topics for each week (these will be hyperlinked as each week goes live):
  1. January 2nd---Playing with Words: the Language Arts. This theme can include phonics, reading, writing, grammar, spelling, speech, literature, etc., etc., etc. Latin and foreign language studies could also go here.
  2. January 9th---Discovering Patterns: Mathematics, Logic, and some Science. This theme can include anything to do with mathematics, mathematical thinking, numbers, arithmetic, symbolic logic, critical thinking, and math-y sciences (physics, chemistry, etc.).
  3. January 16th---Exploring Our World: Social Studies and more Science. This theme can include history, geography, world cultures, worldview, biology, botany, geology, etc., etc., etc.
  4. January 23rd---Seeking Beauty: the Arts and Everything that Brings Beauty to Our World. This theme can include any of the arts, as well as handicrafts.
  5. January 30rd---The Nuts & Bolts: Pulling it all Together! This theme can be really practical, and include any helps you use for organizing, making plans, keeping little ones occupied, remembering to do your laundry, etc., etc. Or you could take a spiritual approach to it. I encourage you to use this week to explore how you get it done,whether it’s due to scheduling and planning or putting your faith in a higher power or somewhere in between.
As each week's edition goes live, a link will be added to this page as well.

I invite you to visit the participating bloggers!  Each of these lovely ladies plans to share some of the nitty-gritty with you during all or part of the Fair:

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