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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The 2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair is Coming!

In just a little over a week, the Virtual Homeschool Fair will begin! Whether you are brand new to home education, have been homeschooling for several years, or are just considering it as a possibility, the VHF is for you. Throughout January, bloggers from all over the world will be sharing the whys and hows of how they educate their children.

virtual homeschool fair-003The 2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Schedule:

Week 1 (Jan. 8th): The Reasons We Homeschool

Why do we homeschool?

Week 2 (Jan. 15th): Our Method of Homeschooling

How do we homeschool?

Week 3 (Jan. 22nd): Our Homeschool Curriculum

How do we cover it all?

Week 4 (Jan. 29th): Enriching Our Learning

What do we do for enrichment?

Watch my quick Virtual Homeschool Fair trailer to see what it’s all about:


Visit the bloggers participating in the Virtual Homeschool Fair:

Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Laura @ Four Little Penguins

Dana @ Life Led Homeschool

Jenn K. @ A Peace of Mind

Kristen H. @ Sunrise to Sunset

Kim @ Good Sweet Love

Christy @ Unexpected Homeschool

Jen Duncan @ A Helping Hand Homeschool

Lori @ At Home: where life happens

Jacquelin @ A Stable Beginning

Amanda H @ Hopkins Homeschool

Annette @ A Net In Time

Lizzy @ Peaches@Home

Sabrina @ Kids, Crunch, and Christ

Michele Pleasants @ Family, Faith and Fridays

Brittney @ Mom's Heart

Sarah @ Delivering Grace

Joelle @ Homeschooling for His Glory

Jeniffer @ Thou Shall Not Whine

Chelsea @ Pause.Reflect.Learn.Grow

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break

Lisa @ True North Homeschool Academy at Golden Grasses

Chelli @ The Planted Trees

Hillary @ Walking Fruitfully

Debra @ Footprints in the Butter

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