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Monday, August 21, 2017

Our Eclipse Adventure!

Our Homeschool Eclipse Adventure

We weren't the only ones on our street holding cardboard boxes up to our eyes, waving colanders over our heads, or trying to project the sun onto the concrete using a telescope.

I told my husband that with the addition of aluminum foil to stop up the gaps, it looked a bit like were were trying to tune in alien signals or catch a glimpse of a cloaked saucer. Rolling on the floor laughing 

All kidding aside---this was a cool eclipse adventure!

We didn’t have any eclipse glasses. Blame that on my poor planning---yes, homeschooler that I am, I admit that when it comes to planning for educational moments as they present themselves, I’m not so great. My kids seem to prefer it that way, so I’m calling it a win.

Besides, if we had gotten the glasses, we might not have tried out 5 different methods of projecting the eclipse so that we could safely view it.

Our favorite methods were the big box pin hole camera and the colander. But the smaller box viewers and even the paper plates were also great---I’d say each method had its pros and cons and I’m happy that we tried them all.

eclipse large pinhole cameraeclipe projectionmultiple eclipses using a colandersome of our various eclipse viewers

my crew caught unawares

Our eclipse was about 80%, so no where near complete, but still very cool.

Did you view the eclipse? Please share your experience.


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