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Friday, June 23, 2017

My Library Book Sale Haul

Every year, our town’s Friends of the Library group holds a book sale to benefit the library. People donate hundreds of books---it is a great way to get inexpensive copies of the latest crime thrillers, romances, and unusual vintage titles (some of which are maybe better forgotten?). But it’s also a great way to get some wonderful children’s books for our homeschool that we would never hear about otherwise. Here is what was left in the kitchen after the kids went to bed last night (the rest have already been squirrelled away in their rooms or other parts of the house):

library book sale-001

Some day I will learn and drive to the book sale instead of walking there. The library is only a few blocks from our house, but the trek back is half uphill and slogging these home in the heat and humidity wasn't exactly a treat. Good thing I had three helpers along.

I wanted to give you a closer look at a few of these books, because you just never know what you’ll find in boxes of loosely organized books. We had some amazing finds.

The Solar System: An incredible Journey puzzle book

This one didn’t make it into the big picture because I found it in the living room later. My kids love puzzles, especially my 8-year-old. All the puzzles in this book were fully intact---it looked like they had never been taken out of the book.

The Solar System: An incredible Journey puzzle book 2

It also has just the right reading level for her---I’m trying to encourage her to widen her interests in books. She’s capable of reading short chapter books, but still prefers to read quick picture books and comic books. If you have any tips, I’m all ears (my other 3 naturally moved onto chapter books on their own). She does enjoy reading nonfiction, so I expect this will be a hit. She’s already done 2 of the puzzles and as I sit here typing this she is reading about the sun and doing a third puzzle . Winking smile

The Solar System: An incredible Journey puzzle book 3

There was a treasure trove of high quality pop-up books at the sale and I couldn’t resist a few of them.

This book is full of models of different sailing ships.

Sailing Ships: 3-Dimensional Illustrations Sailing Ships: 3-Dimensional Illustrations 2 Sailing Ships: 3-Dimensional Illustrations 3

This book not only has birds, bats, butterflies, and other living things with wings, but also an airplane and an unfly-able human-powered ornithopter.

Wings: A Pop-Up Book of things that fly Wings: A Pop-Up Book of things that fly  dragonflyWings: A Pop-Up Book of things that fly  butterflyWings: A Pop-Up Book of things that fly  butterfly 2Wings: A Pop-Up Book of things that fly  butterfly 3

My 11-year-old picked out this book on Gutenberg.

Gutenberg's GiftGutenberg's Gift pop-up

All of these appear to be out of print, so I feel especially fortunate to be able to have such pristine copies to add to my home library. I found some other great books (and bought them), including a book on the human body with stickers to fill in (all the stickers were unused and accounted for in the back of the book).

I also found some interesting books that I didn’t buy.  Like the pop-up book of the movie Dune, complete with untouched stand-up figures of the movie’s characters, waiting to be punched out. Rolling on the floor laughing

It seems inevitable that some day all books will be replaced with some form of electronic media. Great as e-books are, there is more to great books than the words contained within. I hope that we still have beautiful books to hold in our hands and share with our families for many more years.

What great finds have you made at your library book sale? Be sure to share in the comments!

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