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Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Story of Pictures

I don’t know why I feel so busy lately. It seems as though I’m hardly getting anything done, and yet I feel like I’m rushing all the time. So we’ve been trying to slow down a bit for Holy Week. Spend quality time together. Stop running here and there. Take more pictures, just because. So let’s share some of those pictures from the past few weeks so they aren’t banished to the black hole better known as my hard-drive. Smile

Today the kids and I went out for a walk and I took this picture of them in “our” tree. The quality isn’t great (cheap, dumb phone camera), but I still love the way it came out:

A story of pictures---what we've been doing outside of homeschooling


Last weekend was the annual Easter Egg Hunt in our little town.  Our two teens got to help hide the eggs this year and our younger two got to hunt for eggs. Next year Peter will be too old to hunt eggs, so this was a sweet memory:


Emma figured out how to make a necklace out of the hinged plastic Easter eggs:



Peter reading to his donkeys:



Emma turned 8 and David turned 17 a couple weeks ago:


I think maybe he’s afraid that cake is going to melt. Rolling on the floor laughing

On Emma’s Birthday, we visited the cemetery to spend some time with the baby boy of a friend of ours who was born and passed into Jesus’ loving arms on that day a few years ago.


It’s funny how just a couple weeks ago we were wearing winter coats and shivering in the arctic wind, but today was t-shirt weather with a warm sun and a pleasant breeze. Here’s hoping we continue to have this beautiful weather for a while.

What have you been up to outside of your studies?

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