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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

FREE 1 Year of Mystery Science (Limited Time)

Ok, I’m excited.  Mystery Science was one of our BIG homeschool successes last year.  The only reason we didn’t pay to use it this year was because there are not enough units for my middle schooler to justify the cost.  I just found out that you can get free access for a year to the currently available units.  This program is ideal for K-5, but some units will also work well with 6th grade.  Reserve your year before this deal runs out: Sign up for Mystery Science

mystery science-001Couple things to note:

If you have already had an account with Mystery Science in the past and use the same email you created that account with, it will not give you another free year.  Instead it will direct you to log into your old account.  If your account has lapsed, you will see that you only have access to a preview lesson in each of the available units.

When you sign up it will take you to a screen that states that your spot is reserved, but that it won’t be activated until Sunday.  You will be given the option of inviting 5 friends to get immediate access using a form that requires you to input your friends’ email addies.  You can edit the message that goes out.  While I understand that they want to build their list of potential customers, I don’t generally give companies my friends’ emails without their permission.  It would be nice if there were other options for “inviting” friends (a unique url that could be shared on social media, for instance).  (edited to add: It looks like the link they give you in the referral email is a unique link that will track your referrals, so if you sign up, try sharing your referral link with your friends.)

Here’s that Mystery Science link again.

You can find more free resources for your homeschool year here.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

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