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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kids Have Passions---Let’s Support Them

This morning I came downstairs around 7:30 or so (I’m not exactly a morning person) and was greeted by Peter (age 9) with, “Mama, can I boot up the computer so I can work on my novel?”

It’s National Novel Writing Month and 3 out of 4 kids in our house are working on novels all November.   They have been gearing up for this for weeks.

passions-001My child, who normally would rather not have anything to do with “school” work at all, had already completed his geography and handwriting.  He very happily completed his math to get to the prize---permission to continue typing his story. 

It is slow going, because he hasn’t learned touch typing yet (we’re working on it).  Even while using the 2-finger method on a keyboard whose key labels are wearing off, he has typed over 4000 words in less than a week.

I think he’s pretty highly motivated. Winking smile

Homeschooling makes it easier for this particular kid to follow his passions.

If my son were in school, he would not be writing a novel at 7:30 in the morning. 

He would be following the routine dictated by school, then he would come home around 2:45-3 pm and he would be a wreck (because this child is at that time of day), he would play a bit, then do some homework, then have dinner, and then (because today is Thursday) he would go to scouts this evening, come home, and finally go to bed exhausted. 

Now, this isn’t a “rah rah homeschool, boo brick and mortar school” post.

There are lots of kids who spend their days in school and still follow their personal passions.  And there are schools that cultivate those passions (not around here, but I know there are---tell me about your wonderful school, I’m always happy to hear about great things happening in education).

But this quirky kid? 

He thrives in a less formal environment.  He continually amazes me with what he is able to do and so much of what he does is under his own impetus. 

I teach him things he needs to know.  I teach him things he wants to know, but there’s much more going on here than those things I actually teach to him.  There’s so much more going on than what could ever be written into a curriculum.

I want to encourage you---there are days when home education is a really hard road to travel.  But then my kids do things that remind me why we have chosen this way over another.

What is something that you child does that might be harder for him/her while attending a brick and mortar school?

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  1. I so agree!! It's so great to let them follow their passions and interests and let them learn to love learning!


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