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Friday, July 18, 2014

New Series Coming: Curriculum Exposés

Curriculum Exposés was inspired by the experience of going over a new math book with my husband and coming to the realization that this book was so flawed that I could not use it in my homeschool. 


This is not the first time that I’ve considered chucking a popular curriculum out the window (literally, the window was open) and, though I hope that it will be a rare occurrence, I know that it’s likely to happen again.  So I thought---not enough people are willing to step forward and say, “Hey, this math book?  It’s a bad math book.”

I haven’t written anything particularly controversial lately.  Let me take a crack at it.

Winking smile

Let me tell you what I have in mind for Curriculum Exposés so we are on the same page.

Curriculum Exposés will take an in-depth look into some the flaws in popular homeschool curricula.  A new series starting soon at Homeschooling Hearts & MindsI have spent soooo many hours of my life combing the curriculum minefield for the good stuff.   You probably have, too.

I’ll pick up this and then drop it like a hot potato because of its rather obtrusive worldview,…

…postpone that because it’s a little too difficult for my child,…

…pass on this other thing because it overlaps too much with what we’ve already studied,…

…and give up on this truly awesome thing because it’s not something I can make work in my situation.

There are lots of things out there, good things that work for other  homeschool families, that are just not a good fit for our particular situation. 

And that’s great! 

It’s wonderful that we’re not all forced to used the same things even if they don’t fit us---this is part of what homeschooling is about.

But every once in a while I’ll settle on something that seems like it’s just right, only to get it in my hands and discover that there’s something wrong with it.  I don’t mean a poor fit, I mean really wrong, whether it be due to factual inaccuracies, unsound methodology, or something that just won’t work in the real world.

This is not a rant on Common Core or a complaint about a particular publisher’s worldview or whatever. 

It’s not a whine because I couldn’t figure out how to teach something or it wouldn’t teach itself.

It’s a real look at the some of the real problems with current popular resources that are being used by both homeschoolers and brick-and-mortar schools.

It’s reporting, not scandalmongering. 

And it’s a “heads-up” so you can learn what to watch out for while selecting things for your own homeschool.

Coming soon:  Curriculum Exposé #1…or Why I’m Looking for a New Math Program

Have you run into any real curriculum duds?  I mean things that make you doubt the future of education.

Tell me about it.


  1. I look forward to seeing what you've found! There are so many reasons that curriculum doesn't work out quite right, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  2. Thanks, Krista. I know sometimes I doubt my own judgement, especially when it's a program that seems to be very popular.

  3. Looking forward to this.... And I have pulled my oldest 2 from public school bc of Common Core and many other reasons...but I pray (literally) that this common core nonsense will NOT force homeschoolers to teach like public schools. Any parent out there that had always homeschooled and doesn't know much about CC needs to educate themselves quickly and act.

    1. I hope I live up to your expectations. :)


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