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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Homeschool May Be Taking a Detour and I'm guest posting today...

Before I forget...

Time is a precious thing. 

I don’t know if there’s going to be a next year, a tomorrow, or even another minute.

I don’t know when my husband, one of my children, or even I, myself, will be called home.

While the Father has given me this awesome gift of life here on Earth and a wonderful family to share it with, he has not guaranteed me a certain amount of time with them. I don’t know when my time will come. But sometimes I become complacent and act like I’ve got all the time in the world. I waste my time doing things that, honestly, don’t deserve my attention...

Join me today over at Paradise Praises as I pose the question: 
The world won't stop turning if you don't answer your email, but your kids will miss you when you're gone.  Time is precious, make every moment count! Now, "detour" you said?  What's that all about?

It's been quiet on the old blog the past couple of days---the truth is that there have been other, more important things demanding my attention.

I've considered sending more than one child to school---we won't be doing that at this time, but the possibility hasn't left the table.

I've redesigned my teen's school year mid-year.

I've refocused my energies (both mental and physical) when it comes to teaching my kids.

I've been looking closely at how I view my kids' education and how they view it, and realizing that a lot of the assumptions I've made up until now in my homeschool career have been misguided.

Not horribly misguided, mind you.

But things needed to change.  Nobody was happy.  It was becoming a "Do I really have to get up this morning and do it AGAIN?" kind of thing.

It's hard to write about things when you are in the thick of them.  It's easier to whine and rant to your IRL friends and family.  Thanks, Mom!

But I promise you that I AM going to write about these things.

After chatting with other homeschoolers (both IRL and online), I know that my situation is not terribly unique.  Lots of other Moms and Dads are dealing with these same issues.  They NEED support, and yet not many people are openly writing about what they are going through.

They get discouraged.  They think they've messed up, because no one else seems to be having these problems.

They give up.

Or maybe worse:  they struggle through, hating every minute of it, because they feel it is something they must do.  The idea of a joyful education at home is just a mirage.  They become bitter and disillusioned.

Now, I don't think it's a mirage, but I do think that the picture painted in most homeschool help books is.

Call me a rebel.

I will write about things and soon.  I just think it's more valuable to write after some careful reflection and prayer, rather than diving in to rant in the thick of things.

Later this week I'll tell you about how I redesigned my teen's coursework for the rest of the school year and why.  And hopefully I'll have some progress on the new plan to report.

Have you banged your head against a brick wall after running through a homeschool mirage?
Tell me about it!  Or talk to me on Facebook.

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  1. I've had years I considered one or more kids to school. My son is especially difficult to homeschool at times. The fact is he pretty much hates all school. He'd hate it if he went to school also. But in his mind, anywhere would be better that here sometimes. At other times, he's sweet and loving and wonderful, and he loves being at home.
    Schooling him is always done with lots of considering and reconsidering and talking and prayer. Lots of prayer.


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