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Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Monday in Pictures

I’ve been fighting some kind of a virus plus a bit of the homeschool blahs---it’s right around this time of year that I typically start thinking that our learning is too “schooly” and wouldn’t it be nice to just learn organically without planning out everything to the last page?

It’s Veteran’s Day.  While we don’t typically take off federal holidays (most people work on them, so why shouldn’t we?), I was itching to do something different.  Why not play a few games, read some, laugh some, bake some…start Minecraft Homeschool?

004Tutankhamen Sticker Fun


006Guinea Pig Adventures

008Lost in Reading

007Minecraft Learning

010Experiments in Baking (they look funny, but they sure are good)

How was your Monday?

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