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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just Being Mom is Sometimes Enough

Yesterday I spent most of the day out and about with eldest daughter, Mary (age 9).

We took our time poking around at the  junk antiques mall, tried on shoes at the thrift store, had a late lunch, and so on.

There was no big excitement or surprises.  It was “fun” in a different way.  For a few hours I got to just be Mom to one of my kids without any of the other daily distractions.

I didn’t give a thought to my kids’ education.

There were no interruptions.

There was no “endless parade of food” demands (boys over a certain age never stop eating).

There was no need to rush to get everyone’s shin guards and cleats, or scout uniforms, or other garb on.  There was no place to be at a certain time.

There were no sudden and unexpected meltdowns because someone said the wrong thing to someone else.   Or, heaven forbid, glared.

I was calmer than I’ve been in a long, long while.  And I enjoyed being with my daughter for the first time in a long while.

Later I realized just how stressed out I’ve been lately.  And it’s telling on me. 

I think I’ve got some personal work to do.

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