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Monday, October 7, 2013

Joseph in Egypt (part 1), as told by an 8-year-old boy

This is the story of how Joseph became Pharaoh’s 2nd in command (as retold by Peter, age 8, in 41 panels).

joseph page 1

It seems that Joseph’s brothers were jealous of Israel’s (Jacob’s) love for him…and they decided to off their brother.

joseph page 1

So when Israel sent Joseph to check on them (and Joseph donned his brilliant coat), it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

joseph page 1

Most of the brothers wanted to kill him outright, but one of the brothers was hoping to save Joseph, so he suggested dumping him into a dry welln instead of killing him (figuring he’d help him back out later).

joseph page 1

joseph page 1

joseph page 1

Israel was overcome with grief over the death of his son.

joseph page 1

The brothers decided to sell Joseph to a band of travelling zombies…

joseph page 1

…who then took him to Egypt.

joseph page 1

Page 2:joseph page 2

Joseph ends up in prison, where he will soon meet the Pharaoh’s butler…joseph page 2

who will ask him to interpret his dream.joseph page 2

The butler is forgiven by Pharaoh, but forgets about Joseph until…joseph page 2

he remembers one day when Pharaoh is perplexed by his dream about the cows who never get fat.joseph page 2

Joseph wows Pharaoh with his gift of dream interpretation…

joseph page 2

…and soon finds himself in charge of gathering resources for the coming famine.joseph page 2

Joseph is so well trusted by Pharaoh that he is his good friend and 2nd in command.joseph page 2

End of part 1

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