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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Picture Book Club Month 1: Rhyming Books Free Resources!

I promised you I’d share my plans for the Picture Book Club I’m running for my local homeschool group, and here’s the first installment!  Feel free to use my plans in your own homeschool or to start a book club.
Picture Book Club, Month 1:  Rhyming Books resources http://homeschoolheartandmind.blogspot.comIn September, our club meeting theme will be Rhyming Books.  You can see the books we’ll be reading in this picture.

We have 3 books families will read on their own and one “read aloud” book to read in club.  We also have an optional scriptural memory verse (this month’s is on thankfulness).

You can find a list of all the monthly themes here and download the complete book schedule we are using for the year here.

Each month when we meet, we’ll
  • Have a snack
  • Read one of the books aloud and talk about it
  • Do a fun physical activity
  • Do a simple craft
My goal is to keep the kids occupied and keep the stress level for parents as low as possible.  We have a wide range of ages in this group (from 2-8) and so some kids will be “up for” more than others.

What I decided to do is supply a “resource” packet each month for those who’d like to incorporate the books into their child’s language arts program or just want a little more.  I am providing this packet free to you!

Use it to form your own book club or just use them with your own kids.

In addition to providing this month’s book list and memory verse, September’s resource list includes links to free lapbook elements, activity ideas, free online games, coloring pages, worksheets, and more!

It also includes a notebook page template you can print on cardstock, 3-hole punch, and pop into a binder---think of it as the amazing, expanding lapbook in a binder.  You can record the books you read to your child and paste in pictures and lapbook elements (or whatever you can think of). 

You can download your free packet here (click the picture):
Free Rhyming Books Resources Pack for primary grades
Each month I'll have a brand new set of resources for book club. 


  1. I like this. Thank you for doing this. My children are 10 and 12, but I thought as a fun "Throw In" for our off weeks during the month. Are you thinking of doing this to an older level of books?

  2. Thank you, Mama Fry.

    The Chapter Book Club for our homeschool group is run by someone else (maybe I'll run it in a future year), and really I've got my hands full just running this one right now, lol. BUT, some of the books I have planned are definitely appropriate for older kids, so check out the book list for the year. Since each month is centered around a theme, it would be possible to sub out the younger books and add in an older book or two. The Around the World, Myths & Legends, and Animal Stories themes could be stretched that way, definitely.


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