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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Looking for Next Year’s Science? Great Deals on Apologia!

I’ve got to share this with you, because I got such a great deal on Apologia science books and I love sharing great educational deals!

Great Deals on Apologia Science!I also love adding great things to my homeschool library with minimal investment. 

Right now, has got 1st edition Apologia middle school to high school science texts at rock bottom prices.  If you don’t mind using an older edition (and from what I understand the differences between the editions are mainly in presentation, not content), you can get a full year curriculum, including the tests and solutions manual for about $9-$12.

That might just leave enough in the science budget to spring for all the lab supplies.

A search for Apologia 1st edition still leaves you wading through the 2nd editions, so here are the links to the texts I saw (you may want to check for more):

Exploring Creation with General Science

Exploring Creation with Physical Science

Exploring Creation with Biology

Exploring Creation with Physics

Advanced Chemistry in Creation

I don’t know how long this will last, as I’m sure quantities are limited.  Shipping is pretty reasonable.  I ordered 4 books and economy shipping was a little over $5.

But, here’s something extra you can add to it (I was tickled when this landed in my inbox this morning)---Knowledge Box Central is running all their products on sale for 75% off on Currclick, including their lapbooks and journals created to complement Apologia.  This sale only lasts a few days (ends Sunday at midnight). 

Included in that sale (warning, the rest of these are affiliate links):

Apologia General Science 1st Edition Lapbook Journal 

Apologia Physical Science 1st Edition Lapbook Journal

They are only $1.25 each and contain notebooking pages for all the question and labs---definitely worth it, I think.  There are also lapbooks available for the elementary books. 

Great deals on Apologia Science 1st editions (limited time)My current plan for my rising 8th grader is to use General Science with the Lapbook Journal, adding in appropriate materials from SuperCharged Science’s Online Homeschool e-Science Program for as long as our subscription lasts.  (You can read my review of that program here.)  We had a more “free-wheeling” approach to science this year, but as we prepare for high school, I want to settle him into a more structured program to make sure he gets a solid background before college.

Of course, the best thing is that I was showing him the book samples, and he was practically drooling.  He can’t wait to get his hands on these books, which means that even if we don’t end up using them exactly as planned, they will get used

Updated to add a picture of my haul…they came today!

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