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Monday, June 17, 2013

Coming Soon to This Blog…

It’s summertime here…I know some people homeschool year round, some people take the summer off, some people follow their local school’s schedule---we follow my husband’s schedule.  Sort of. 

As he teaches at a university, he’s generally not teaching during winter and summer breaks.  But he is working (doing research and writing).  His schedule just becomes a little more flexible.  So I try to keep our schedule flexible, too, for things like last minute day trips and afternoon splashes in the neighborhood pool.

That makes summer an ideal time to try something new.  Here’s a sneak peak at coming reviews (and links to freebies you can access right now).

How would you like to learn to play the piano over the summer? 

I was recently introduced to this great site called FreePianoLessons4Kids…free video lessons by an accomplished pianist!


Created and taught by Joseph Hoffman, MM, FreePianoLessons4Kids features 100% free piano video piano lessons.  You can purchase the optional supplemental materials ($23.95 to download lessons 1-41), which include activities, review, and practice.  The video lessons are also available for purchase on DVD.

I will be using this program (including the supplemental materials, courtesy of the publisher) with my kiddos this summer---look for a full review in early August.

Or Maybe You’d Like to Work on Nurturing Responsibility in Your Kids?

102030Go is a unique accountability system that really works because it was developed by a real family. 

Getting our kids to make a true contribution to the household has been, um, well, difficult.  Now I place the blame for that squarely on myself.  It’s always just been easier to do everything myself and I never really learned how to delegate things. 

And to be fair for myself, “chores” when I was growing up were pretty minimal and often were punishment for messing up rather than a regular thing---I had never really been taught how to get a family to work together as a well oiled machine.  I couldn’t wait to try this out.

102030Go is founded on a simple concept:

  • 10 minutes of prayer,
  • 20 minutes of reading,
  • and 30 minutes of chores.

We’ve only been using the system a short while, but have already seen a positive impact!


A full review is coming in early August, but in the meantime, you can check out how 102030GO works and download a free chore chart to use with your own kids.

Do you have any special summer plans?

Disclosure:  The products mentioned in this post have been provided by their respective vendors in order to facilitate upcoming reviews.  I have received no other compensation and all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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