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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Free Two-Sided, Full-Color Addition and Subtraction Cards!

add subtract-001

This week’s 2nd freebie is a set of double-sided, full-color addition and subtraction flashcards.  If you missed the first freebie, you’ll fine a link at the end of this post.

“Oooh!  Flashcards,” you say, “Yippee!”  In a somewhat sarcastic tone.  Doesn’t exactly sound exciting, I know, but these flashcards are a little different.

They were created for Peter, my highly visual, concrete kid.  We both like the Flip Cards we have from TouchMath, because they have an addition fact on one side then a related subtraction fact on the other side. 

But after going through cards day after day after day, there was still a gap between his understanding that 7-5=2 and owning it, if you know what I mean?  He could understand it, he could think it out, but he couldn’t instantly recall each fact and the progress was very slow and frustrating for him.

His older brother, who is also highly visual, had excellent success with the colorful multiplication cards I made for him


What’s unique about these is that they are a study aid, not a test aid.  They show the entire math fact so he is not combing his brain to fill in a blank.  He would look at a card, then close his eyes and picture it in his mind.  Just a few cards a day, a few minutes a day.  Within a very short, he had mastered all his multiplication facts.

So,  I decided to combine the idea of a flip card with a colorful fact card for Peter.  This is a sample of what I came up with.

addition subtraction cards 3addition subtraction cards 4

The set covers the facts up to those adding up to 12.  If Peter is successful with them, I will make the facts up to 20 in the future.

Each number has its very own color, which will hopefully help Peter to see the “picture” of the fact in his head. 

The cards are designed to be printed double-sided when you duplex them through your printer.  So 11-3=8 will be on the backside of 3+8=11 when you flip it.  Printing instructions are included in the 33 page file.  There are 4 cards/2 pages.  Or you could choose to print them single-sided.

If you are worried about ink, I printed Peter’s in draft.  The colors are a little less vibrant, but still colorful and readable.

full color flashcards printed in "draft" or "fast"

I will note, I’m not perfect.  Try as I might, I could not get the fronts and backs to line up absolutely perfectly.  They are off by 1mm.  Really.  Enough that you will have a shadow of a line on some edges, but not enough to actually affect the cards.

Download your free double-sided, full-color addition/subtraction cards here.

You’ll find this week’s other freebie, The Case of the Walking Skeleton (a Math Mystery) here.

This free gift is offered to you in honor of Release the Butterflies month here at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds.



  1. Oh wow! What a great resource! My 4 year old is adding and subtracting right now. She did adding doubles today. Thank you so much for such a well put together post and resource!


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