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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

46 FREE Homeschool Math Resources

46 free math resources http://homeschoolheartandmind.blogspot.comThere are thousands (and thousands) of free math resources on the web, all of varying quality.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive  or even a best of the best list, but I’ve tried to cull a variety of different types of freebies for you, with an eye towards quality as well as meatiness---none of these links will take you to just a single printable or 5 minute game. 

If you’re in a mid-semester slump or are planning for the future, I hope you find something here to inject something new and different into your homeschool.


Full Math Programs and Textbooks

  1. The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching is the home of Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP), a complete complete program for elementary through high school.  Includes lesson plans, activity sheets, and blackline masters.  This program was developed for use in the UK, so terminology and instruction concerning measurement and money will reflect that. 
  2. shmoop has free learning guides in pre-algebra, algebra, and calculus.
  3. ck-12 provides free, customizable textbooks in middle school and high school mathematics, including algebra, probability, geometry, and more.
  4. The Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP) covers K-6 and provides free lesson files, worksheets, blackline masters, story books, and story workbooks.

Math Instruction (video, text, or interactive)

  1. Khan Academy’s motto:  learn almost everything for free.  Yes, that does include math.  You’ll find video instruction for arithmetic through calculus, and everything in between.
  2. Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies features interactive lessons, worksheets, and crossword puzzles.  Includes elementary math, pre-algebra, probability, symbolic logic, and more.
  3. Hippocampus provides video instructions for high school to college math topics.
  4. PurpleMath is an online Algebra course (text, not video) that covers preliminary through advanced topics.  They also have links to resources for worksheets and review.
  5. provides lessons, examples, and online worksheets in pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry.
  6. Math U See offers some free videos to help you teach your kids on their site.
  7. Not only does Maria Miller sell Math Mammoth, she offers a variety of free resources on her site, including worksheets and teaching videos!


Worksheets and Other Printables

  1. The Math Worksheet Site---its name says it all.
  2. BlueBonkers has math practice sheets for all 4 operations, simple algebra, geometry, and printable flashcards.
  3. offers interactive practice and downloadable worksheets for all grades.
  4. Donna Young has some free math printables, including triangular math fact cards, graph paper, coins worksheets, and more.  Mainly elementary, though the graph paper will be useful to older students.
  5. abcteach offers a number of free elementary math worksheets.
  6. has free elementary math worksheets.
  7. 3 Dinosaurs has a number of colorful, free printable math activities for download.
  8. has pages of free math worksheets, all ages.
  9. offers several free math worksheet generators, covering basic math, money, and even quadratic equations.
  10. Math Fact Café has elementary worksheets, worksheet generators, flashcards, and more.
  11. Math Worksheets Go! has free downloadable worksheets (with answer keys) for algebra, algebra 2, geometry, and trigonometry. 
  12. Kids Math Games has worksheets, games, videos, puzzles, and more!
  13. Math Worksheets 4 Kids has worksheets for all grades.


Manipulatives (printable and online)

  1. Math Playground has interactive manipulatives online, including geoboards, fraction/decimal balance, pattern blocks, and more.
  2. Want to make your own hands-on math tools?  Math Cats provides and ideas and instructions for creating manipulatives for your tactile learner.
  3. Huge list of free downloadable math blackline masters, including addition charts, printable tangrams, ten frames, graph paper, base ten blocks, and more.


Games and Interactive Activities

  1. For your middle school to high school students, Brain Pop has free math activities in algebra, geometry, probability, and more.
  2. M@thsZone is a UK site that has free interactive math resources for K-12.
  3. features a free foundational math program and games for elementary on up to high school.
  4. is the home of Timez Attack, a program designed for practicing math facts.  There’s a free version available for home use.
  5. Johnnie’s Math Page has tons of games and activities for making math fun.  All ages.
  6. has free online math games for addition and subtraction.
  7. Hooda Math has lots of online games.
  8. has simple games, lessons, and practice.
  9. AplusMath has simple math fact games, java and non-java flashcards, and worksheets.
  10. has games for elementary and middle school.


    Teaching Resources

    1. You find math benchmarks here for grades K-12.
    2. If you’re a do-it-yourself type, Math is Fun provides a list of topics to cover (by grade) and resources to teach.  You can add your own worksheets or take a more hands-on approach.  Grades pre-k through high school.
    3. homeschool-activities has some great hands-on mathy activities (pictures, too) to help your kids love (or at least not hate) math.
    4. Want to teach math through living books?  Living Math Book List is organized by topic so you know what titles to look for at your library.
    5. HotChalk has free math lesson plans for all grades.
    6. Highline has a math enrichment program for grades 5-7.


    Free Math Apps

    1. Interactive Math suggests that yes, high schoolers can play with math, too.  In addition to online lessons in algebra, trig and even calculus, they have download links to a wide selection of math learning apps to play with.
    2. iKidApps has a list of picks for best free math apps (elementary).
    3. Here’s a Squidoo lens of free iPad and android math apps for kids and students (all ages).


    More Free Math Goodies at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds:

    Make Your Own Abacus (a math craft)

    Free Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Mini-Office

    Free Primary Math Printables

    Free Number Bonds Worksheet


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    1. Great list! Thank you for putting it all together. Some I had, some were new. Now I just have to get better organized and use more of them! FYI- The MathZone link is for an email link, not the actual site.

    2. Thanks for the catch, Kate, I've fixed the link. I'm really bad about actually using all these free resources, too, which is part of the reason I started compiling them. ;)

    3. Awesome info, Susan! Thanks so much! I will share with our homeschooling group!

    4. i added ur bog to our list :)

    5. Greg Tang's website,, has 10 awesome math games, including Kakooma, for FREE! Greg's books (Grapes of Math and others) are also offered free at his site!


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