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Monday, March 4, 2013

Where’s the Safety on This Thing?

Where's the Safety?

“Where’s the safety?”  Emma asks as she throws the shoulder strap over her head and fumbles with the trigger.  She giggles and dances on tip-toes.  And the other kids all shamble around pretending to be zombies.

It was an innocuous enough beginning to the day.

Maybe if we had just played all day it wouldn’t have turned into a Monday.

I had a headache.  Actually, every part of my body ached.  Except maybe my nose. 

David got every single one of his review problems of integers wrong.

And it wasn’t that he didn’t understand the integers or even the procedure of what he needed to do…he just kept goofing up.  This kid is converting mixed numerals into improper fractions and multiplying them together in his head, and one little digit gets mixed up somewhere…can I get him to show his work?  Nuh uh, he doesn’t think in steps.  He really doesn’t.

Peter did his math almost standing on his head on the table thing he was so frustrated.  As the pressure builds, the top of his head gets closer and closer to the table’s surface and his eyes within a few inches of the paper.  One second “oh, ____+6 = 16 is easy, that’s 10!” but then for ____ + 7 = 17 he was getting closer and closer to spinning on his head like a break dancer.  Tomorrow he probably won’t bat an eye.


Isn’t he ferocious?  This picture was actually taken a different day when he was in a better mood.

Emma  gave me a grammar lesson.

She was hanging from the sash of a large double hung window in our living room. 

“Emma, get out of the window!”

“I’m not IN the window!  I’m ON the window!”

I’m giving up coffee (but not tea).  One would think that less caffeine would make one less irritable.  Not so.

Mary brought me a handful of half-brown clover from the backyard. 

She wanted me to wash it so she could feed it to the guinea pigs.  It’s really hard to wash tiny bits of clover.  It just might end up clogging up the sink instead.

“Mary, I think it would be better if we waited until spring when the clover is big and green, it will taste much better.  Let’s give them some apple.”

The boys had to go to the dentist.  Peter needed a filling and sealants.

Noisy things like drills and sucky things, well, they set Peter on edge.

The dentist suggested after the filling that we wait until NEXT MONTH to do the sealants.  There was apparently more than a little tension in the room.  Ahem.

The kids’ dentist is wonderful with them, by the way.  And I applaud his wise suggestion.

David was there for his monthly orthodontic follow up.  Which went great.

Would you believe that after dinner he announced that one of his brackets had come off?  After he ate a piece of crusty bread that his Dad told him he shouldn’t eat.  I guess I need to call the dentist in the morning.  This is only like the 4th time this has happened in 5 months. 

Maybe I’ll make HIM call him.

Unrelated, but the good news today is that he can stop wearing his sling.  Yeah!


His broken arm is mending well.  Still no sports or horsing around.  He sees his orthopedist in a couple of weeks, but we expect to get the “all clear” to play soccer later this month.

How was your Monday?  Did you fight zombies?

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