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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FREE Preschool Printable Flower Puzzles

Emma has great manual dexterity and is a great problem solver (this is why I have to keep everything I don’t want her into at least 10 feet off the ground).  She loves puzzles.  Jigsaws with dozens of pieces are still a little to complicated for her to tackle on her own, but many of the free printable puzzles I’ve found are a little too easy.  So I decided, hey, why not make a few of my own.  I hope your preschooler enjoys these FREE printable flower puzzles, too.

You can download them all in one pdf file, print on cardstock, and cut on the lines.  Laminating optional.  I printed ours on a draft setting and they still look great.

Here is what they look like, the pieces are just over 1-1/2” square.  There are two 20-piece puzzles and one 12-piece puzzle. 

hyacinth preschool puzzle thumbnailtulip preschool puzzle thumbnailblack eyed susan preschool puzzle thumbnail

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  1. That is a Great idea! Not even just for preschooler's, but any age I bet. Just have to make them harder. I think I might make some Easter themed one's for my kids, for their basket's this year. Thanks for the idea!

    Check out my blog~>

  2. Yes, absolutely. You could use your own pictures and vary the difficulty by making the pieces smaller or bigger.


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