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Sunday, February 24, 2013

FREE Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Mini Office Printables

David is a highly visual kid with a bit of trouble committing procedural arithmetic to memory.  Now, once he’s got the procedure in there, I mean really got it in there, it’s there for keeps.  The trouble is, getting it in there can be a challenge sometimes.  He doesn’t learn things by reciting them or doing timed tests.  I’ve found that creating colorful visual reminders really helps him.

This time, the problem was converting things from fractions to decimals or percents and finding percentages of numbers.  He understands the concepts just fine and can puzzle out a word problem by screwing up his eyes and taking the long way around the back of his brain…but the simple mechanics of doing a simple problem like “find 93% of 56” were not sticking.  Each time he did a new problem, it was as if he had never seen one like it before.  Crazy-making for him and for me.

But, he didn’t throw up his hands and give up. 

We’ve walked this road before.  Once upon a time it was long division.  He understood division, he knew what the big picture was all about.  But the little steps just kept on escaping him.  He would start and then get stuck.  He could see the big picture, but the details kept getting away from him. 

He knows long division like the back of his hand, now.  It took some time and a lot of effort, but now you would never know that it ever gave him any trouble.  And so I know, he can do this.   I know he can! 

I’ve put together a full-color “Mini Office” on fractions, decimals, and percents and I’m sharing the printables so you can make one for your visual kid!

fractions decimals percents mini office cover @

You’ll need a file folder.  Open it up and then refold each side to meet and the center.  Crease well.  Now you’ll have a base that you can add your printable cards to and it stands up on its own.

fractions, decimals, and percents mini office printables @

Or, use the cards as flashcards.  There are 2 sheets of cards:

  • one sheet of long cards that review procedures for working with fractions, decimals, and percents (I didn’t put all of them into David’s just the ones he needs reminders for)
  • one sheet of 10 cards converting common fractions to decimals and percents

There’s an additional sheet that you can use for your cover, but that’s optional.  Click on each of the sheets below to download the pdfs.

decimals fractions percents coverdecimals percents fractions mini officefraction decimal equivalents

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