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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Less Planning and More DOING

I’ve been in a bit of a funk, lately.  I’ve gotten so bogged down in my ideas and plans, that I’ve forgotten how to get things done.

Here’s the thing about plans---the best laid plans will get you nowhere.  Anyone can make plans.  Anyone can draw a map showing they way they plan to travel.  But, unless they actually follow through, they’ll never get anywhere. 

It’s the follow-through that ultimately counts. 

032At the end of my life, pointing at all the great intentions I had is going to be a poor consolation for all the great things I could’ve done, but didn’t.

I am very, VERY bad about following through---I tend to never get started in the first place (because I’m too busy perfecting my plans).

Or I leave things unfinished, often very nearly finished, just not quite there yet.

I look around my house, now, and evidence of this tendency smirks back at me from everywhere. 

There’s that pair of Mary’s too-short-jeans that I cut off, ripped a seam out of, and pinned to convert into a skirt.  I just need to dig through my fabric stash to find a coordinating fabric for the bottom and stitch it up.  It could be done in an hour.  And there it sits.  On my kitchen island.

It has been there at least a week.

There’s that box of film negatives from our wedding day.  Would you believe that we will have been married for 15 years next month…and I still don’t have a wedding album?

There’s the sock I knitted for Emma when she was a baby…but never knitted the second one.  Methinks her feet are too big for them, now.

There’s the file folder of recipes saved, but never tried.

There’s composer study series I plan to write on composers you’ll never see a study for elsewhere.  Oh, yes, I know just what it will look like, but will we ever see it?

There’s the math worksheets I designed, but found a flaw in.  I have yet to go back and fix this simple flaw and then upload them to share here---how long would that take?  Maybe a half hour?  Been sitting there for a month, folks.

There’s the long list of other things I want to write about that spend plenty of time percolating in my brain, but never get actually written.

I think maybe we all have a few projects like this sitting around, cluttering our minds, and pulling at our consciences.  Am I right?


I know that for me, personally, some of this stems from my temperament, and some from my wacky brain

I simply have a short attention span.  I’m wired that way. 

I can be passionately devoted to a project one minute and then lose interest in it the next, especially if there’s something else demanding my attention.

Which happens a lot when you are mothering and educating four kids.

Some might say this is a character flaw, and there is a character aspect to this.  But mostly, I simply forget.  That’s why the jeans are on the counter….to REMIND ME!  To keep them on my radar.

But, let’s be honest, if I felt as passionately about the project as I did when I started it, it would be done---this is where the character thing comes in. 

I get bogged down in the logistics and lose my drive.

I don’t want to do that anymore.

I don’t want to have projects stacked here, there, and everywhere that I may or may not get to.

I want to finish what I start. 

Because I am capable of great things.  And so are you. 

So I had an idea.  And I’ve learned from experience that when I have a good idea I need to run with it right away…or it never gets off the ground.  Too much thinking about it will simply kill it.


Here goes.


I am changing my life TODAY, and I’d like to invite you to join me.

I will be making a list of those projects that are tugging at my conscience, praying over it, and deciding which projects I will pursue and which ones I’m going to let go of. 

I think the baby socks might be one to let go of.

And then I’m going to start tackling those projects, because anything I’m not willing to actually tackle shouldn’t be cluttering my consciousness or my home!

The tricky part is that I will need a plan of attack…and planning can very easily become an unfulfilled dream.

This is where you come in.  Accountability! 

I’d like to start a group of people who want to change and become DO-ers!

And who would be willing to share encouragement with each other. 

Here’s how you can join me:

I’m going to create a weekly linky where everyone can share the goals or projects that they tackled that week. 

It can be a short project that you were able to finish, or a longer, ongoing project that you are making steady progress on, or whatever!  The point is to do things that you wish to accomplish, things outside of what must be done each day.

Seeing what you are doing, really doing, will encourage others. 

I would also like to start a private FB group so we can offer each other direct encouragement and inspiration AND so we can open this up so you don’t have to be a blogger to participate.

Let’s see if we can form a new, good, DO-ing habit before the New Year rolls around. 

Are you with me?  Leave me a comment!

047You might want to hit that “subscribe by email” to get a notification when the linky goes live each week. 

I’m going to be weird and go against the flow…this is going to be a Saturday linky so it doesn’t get lost in all the busy-ness of the week.

You can email me at if you would like to be included in a private FB group.  I’m open to name suggestions for that group, btw!

Here’s your first assignment:

This week, take stock of what you wish to accomplish. 

What are your goals, your dreams? 

Are there any projects you’ve left hanging that just require a little follow-through to finish up?

What would you like to be doing and why aren’t you doing it?  Is it lack of time, motivation, know-how, or something else?

If you need some help getting started,  I recently read Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews.  It’s a good book, and may help you to see what’s important you and help you to organize your time to accomplish it.  (Note:  I’m not pushing this book, I just found it helpful.)

Write a blog post sometime this week talking about what goals you want to accomplish, your plans for achieving them, and the obstacles you need to overcome.

Come back here next Saturday, December 8, 2012, and link up.  I should have the FB group set up by then as well.


  1. Gulp. You know how to hit a girl where you live. My spirit is willing but, but, but......gulp. You are one brave gal. I need this, but can I do it? sigh.

  2. I'm In. I have a list of good intended projects. Yesterday I got out the lego robot to do a project we started in September and got out the WW2 box to finish our Pearl Harbor Study. Piles of great projects. Im in.

  3. Wow! I think this is such a great idea! I, like you, tend to plan (and maybe even start) lots of wonderful projects, but I rarely follow through. I'm prayerfully considering joining the group. And whether I join or not, I'm so glad to have read your post! I'm ready to make a change and become a do-er and a finisher!

  4. What a wonderful idea! I'm in! I have a house and head full of projects that are not finished.

  5. Fabulous idea!!! I'm guilty too.

    Following from the Crew.

  6. I am definitely the type of person that says "I'll get back to that..." so I'm in! I have a lot of small household/organization projects (we moved three months ago) that are on my mental list, and perhaps this will be the motivation I need to actually finish them!

  7. Well....maybe my first goal will be saying "I'm in!" and then actually following through. Were you listening to the conversation in my head before posting know, the one where I took stock of all of my grand ideas and big homeschool plans and realized that I am great at planning and pretty terrible at actually following them?!! Looking forward to some accountability.

  8. Jesse,

    Ladies, it's amazing how much people are alike, isn't it.

  9. Is it our "pulled in all directions" crazy homeschool momness or are we just wired this way? I completely feel like you just came to my house, looked around and then probed my brain. :)

  10. Julie,
    I don't know how much of it is related to being a homeschool mama, maybe it's more about temperament and personality---I know plenty of people who seem to have no trouble staying on top of things and accomplishing their goals. And then I know bunches of other people who are just as scattered as me---then there's a whole continuum between. I think most people do this to some degree, it's just a question of to what degree. In my case, I do it entirely too much.

  11. Wow. I've been thinking about how bad I've been about this very thing all day today. Every week I make a to do list... Only to copy/paste it into the list for the next week over and over and over again. It's already become apparent to me that some of the Christmas crafts I had planned a few months ago are not going to be done until next year. It's time to make a change!

  12. This is very timely for me as it's something I've been thinking about and discussing with my husband. I think God is giving me a nudge!

  13. It's hard to find well-informed people in this particular topic, but you sound like you know what you're talking about!
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  14. This sounded like me. I am definitely in.

  15. Even though I am crazy busy and probably shouldn't join, I so think I NEED to do it for accountability. SO many things that just never get done around here...

  16. Okay, I need to do this. I might not be able to do it as deeply as you do it, but any progress I make will be a good thing. Cound me in.

  17. I am simply amazed by the number of people who want to do this. You all are great!

    Um, I'm feeling just a TINY bit pressured now...I never thought I would have such a big audience for this. LOL!

  18. Ouch. You hit me square on. And this has been weighing on me lately. It's time to get a handle on this for sure.

  19. I have read your post twice now but just haven't been able to commit! I think that means that I should. I feel like I do exactly the same thing... So many unfinished projects, so many wasted hours.

  20. I hear you, Karyn! I find that sometimes I need to just DO IT when I feel that tug. ;0)

  21. Honey you aint the only one!! I've been feeling like this since my family moved in July. Just can't get back with it... My word that I'm focusing on in 2013 is Intentional, so yes I will join you!! Before I actually even saw this I was making up this for myself today... I completed organizing my Christmas gifts and stuff to pack up. I cleaned off the top of all the cabinets in the kitchen that have been laughing at me for almost 2 months... I also mopped my floor for the first time in 2 weeks!!!!!! If you knew my OCD you would know that is a HUGE SHOCKER it went 2 weeks!! So with that said your not the only momma that always feels like we are leaving things behind unfinished!! MUCH LOVE and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  22. Perhaps it is an epidemic. I am finding more and more people who are having trouble in this area.


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