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Sunday, December 16, 2012

DO-ing the Next Thing

I’ve been sick.  Not bed-ridden, coughing up a lung sick.  Just kinda run down by a cold with some nasty congestion.

It’s not helping my productivity much.  But this is not going to be an ode to what I didn’t get done.  Oh no.

It is true that I haven’t been feeling terribly productive lately.  I may not be getting everything done I’d like to be getting done, but, yes, I am still slowly working towards those bigger goals.  As long is I keep doing the next thing, I’ll get there.

Last week I wrote out some goals that I wanted to accomplish.

And then I threw them out.

Ok, I didn’t really, but I came to realize that there were some other things that needed to come first.  So pardon me if my accomplishments look nothing like what I set out to accomplish.   Sometimes you’ve just got to do the next thing that needs to be done.

Winking smile


The Space Derby

Would you believe that as I sat carefully composing my goals at 12am on Friday of last week that I totally forgot I needed to help my 7-year-old with his Cub Scout Space Derby rocket?


Peter’s design for “The Piranha”

Never underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to sand down a rocket made out of a block of balsa wood.  I think it’s safe to say that neither Peter nor I have a future in woodworking.

But, we finished!  And if I were a better planner, I would have remembered to take the camera to the Derby and I’d have a picture of his bright smiling face to share with you. 

Or at least I would have remembered to snap a pic this evening before he went to bed.  Oh well.

The Binder

I’m well on my way to accomplishing Goal #1 from last week.  I got my binder together!  Yeah! 

It is my hope to eventually turn it into my “brain in a binder” so I won’t have to keep juggling so many things in my brain.  For now, it is my place where I can keep all my goals and the beginnings of my blog planner.   I’m also working out a personal daily routine in there.  Starting is half the battle, I’ve got the forms in place, now I just need to use them. 

Organizing the House

I didn’t get much done in this department this week.  But my husband did.

And he reminded me of something I keep having to relearn---I don’t have to do everything myself!

I want to reorganize just about everything in our kitchen, but the task is really overwhelming.  I just didn’t know where to start.  So he started for me.  Isn’t he great?


He couldn’t quite figure out what to do with the 2 apple mummies from last year (they’re in the 2 disposable red cups on the 2nd shelf on the right), so he left them for me to figure out.

What does one do with apple mummies? 

I just know that the instant I throw them out someone will demand to know where they are.


This drawer was overloaded with cookie cutters and cooling racks.  The cooling racks are in the under the oven drawer now.  The cookie cutters? 

What does one do with a few dozen cookie cutters?  Really?

I don’t make roll out cookies often, and yet, when I do, I need cookie cutters.  Where to keep them?  We need to figure that one out.

Christmas Shopping

I shopped for the kids today, just a few small things, but that will be all for them.  And I shopped at the thrift store and found a coat there for David and some clothes for the girls. 

I still need to shop for everyone else in the family, but this is progress.  Amazon prime.  I recommend it.

While I was shopping, the rest of my family put up the Christmas tree!


Now that my oldest can reach the top of the tree---the kids do all the decorating.  Daddy just assembled the tree and put on the lights. 

That does mean that there are branches with 5 or more ornaments.  And that Peter made extra special paper ornaments.

004Yes, Frankenstein’s monster and Zombie Santa are on my tree.  Love it!

The best thing I did this week was…

Getting dressed up and Going to a Christmas Party with My Honey.


I’m a homebody.  It can be hard to persuade me to do things like this.  We had a good time.  And the Grands had a good time playing with the kids.

Ok, now I want to hear about all the things you are DO-ing!  Please link up your post (links back to this post are appreciated).


  1. Some of our cookie cutters are specifically bagged up for play-doh. The rest...they are still in a box from when we moved, and shoved in our "pantry." That closet is on my list to get organized in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Yes, several of our cookie cutters have been relegated to play dough duty. This is the challenge of what to do with things you use very rarely, and yet you can't simply replace them every time you want to use them. I think less is more in this case. The cutters were a gift, perhaps I can gift some of them to others. ;0)


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