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Monday, October 1, 2012

UNREAL Unjunked Candies vs. M&M’s---a blind taste test

Chocolate candy with no corn syrup, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, less sugar, more protein, and UNREAL flavor…is it true?  Really?

UNREAL Candies vs. M&Ms taste test

And how do they stack up against the stand-by that’s been around since forever?  M&M’s?

Last night, me and my sweetie had a blind taste test (M&M’s have been one of his go-to sweets for as long as I’ve known him)!  Hey, this is the kind of project he likes to have after the kids are asleep.



We pitted UNREAL candy coated chocolates (UN41) vs. plain milk chocolate M&M’s.

Notice the color difference.  M&M’s contain just about every numbered food coloring known to man. 


UNREAL’s candies are colored using things like purple cabbage and beetroot---I know it sounds, um, interesting, but trust me, it’s just for color, not flavor!


Size-wise, each candy is about the same, UNREAL candies are a little less regular in shape and not quite as flat as the M&M’s.

UNREAL candies vs. M&M's size comparison

Their candy coating is the same thickness.

UNREAL candies vs. M&M's thickness comparison

UNREAL on the right

But how does UNREAL compare to M&M’s in taste?

My husband had no trouble recognizing the real M&M’s by flavor, even with his eyes closed.

But the UNREAL candies were eye-opening

So I tried them.

Yes, they were good.  Really good.

When I bite into an M&M, I taste sweet, chocolate, then REALLY SWEET!

When I bite into an UNREAL candy, the crunch is virtually identical, but after that I a burst of milk chocolate.

If you like Dove Milk Chocolates,  I think you’ll like these.

I’ve always thought that M&M’s were too sweet…so I compared the numbers. 

In a 1.5 oz serving of each:

  • M&M’s have 27 grams of sugar
  • UNREAL candy coated chocolate have 19 grams of sugar


As far as taste, these taste similar to Dove Milk Chocolates, but with a candy crunch.

What did the kiddos think?

They loved them.  Seriously, UNREAL won over everyone, from the 12-year-old down to the 3-year-old. 

My 7-year boy who has to say “NO” to all things with artificial color is thrilled!

How does UNREAL compare to M&M’s price-wise?

I bought these at the local CVS:

  • UNREAL 10.7 oz bag (7 servings) for $3.99 =  .57/serving
  • M&M’s 12.6 oz bag (8 servings) for $4.19 =  .53/serving

Not a bad price difference for a healthier product.

Disclosure:  I am a Bzzagent and am participating in a compaign for this product through Bzzagent.   Bzzagents received free product and coupons to try new products, but my coupons for UNREAL got lost in the mail!   I really wanted to try UNREAL’s UNjunked candies and purchased these on my own. 

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