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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Managing Multiple Kids---Posting Expectations

homeschool schedule board

Our days go much more smoothly when everybody knows what is expected of them, so we post our day’s homeschool goals where everyone can see them! 

In the past, each child had an “assignment sheet” in their binder where they could check off things and know where we were at and I had my own “master” sheet with everybody’s stuff. 

I do still keep a record of what everybody does each day (in a simple spiral notebook).  The older 2 kids (grades 3 and 7) do still have independent assignments written out for them in their own spiral notebooks.

But what really brings it all together is this simple board. 

This is just a plain 24” x 18” whiteboard. 

We have very limited wall space in our kitchen (which seems to be where we do most of our seatwork), so I attached it to the front of our upright freezer using 3M Command picture hangers (I used 4)---these things are fabulous, they work like extra strong hook and loop tape, are removable, and my board has never fallen down! 

The board is sectioned off with blue painter’s tape (easy to remove if I change my mind).

The sections are labeled on the tape with a Sharpie marker:

  • top band is activities we all do together
  • middle band of squares are activities that each of the kids does with Mom
  • bottom band reminds the oldest kids of things they need to do on their own

The board represents what we plan to accomplish that day.  As we accomplish each thing, the kids check it off.

Each evening, I erase the board and write in the next days activities.

This is an easy way to remind the kiddos of my expectations for the day.

It’s also an easy way to remind me of my expectations for the day.  Much easier than juggling a 3-ring binder.

Bonus:  No one has to ask if we are done.  They know when we are done.

What are your tips for making your homeschool day go a bit smoother? 


  1. Well, at the beginning of the year I print up schedules for everyone of what they need to do each do. They do those items in order. It really helps them to have a visual of a week at a glance of what to do and when. It's never easy, but it seems to be working.

  2. Yes, it helps them to see where they are going and to have a sense of accomplishment as they check things off, too, I'm sure.


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