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Thursday, October 11, 2012

FREE Water Cycle Craft and Printables

I used this water cycle craft idea with my 2nd grader and 3rd grader---we’re currently using Harcourt Science 3, but it’s compatible with whatever science program you happen to be using.

Water Cycle Paper Craft

Mary’s (3rd grade)  water cycle

We’re going for understanding the concepts and how they fit together.  What better way to explore the big picture than by making your own picture of it?

What you’ll need:

  • An assortment of various colored papers (regular colored paper, cardstock, construction paper all work, we even had “cloud” paper)
  • scissors
  • pen, pencil, crayons
  • glue stick
  • optional water cycle labels (free to download here)
  • you may want to provide a sample as a springboard---here’s the one I provided:


What I found key was to make sure they understood the water cycle, provide a sample and ample materials, and then let them do it themselves.


Peter’s (2nd grade) water cycle

We’re not big on worksheets, but a few here and there can round out the portfolio and painlessly show some of the material we’ve covered.  Here’s a free water cycle vocabulary worksheet (and answer sheet) I created for you to download:

water cycle worksheet thumbnail

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  1. Great lesson! I love combining science and art. Illustrating the concept really helps the kids learn and remember.
    Marcia :)

  2. Thank you, Marcia!

    We're trying to do more and more projects to help cement what we are learning. It's lots of fun and helps to create great memories. ;0)


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