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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Camping Out with Peter


Last night, this special kid went camping for the very first time.  He went with his Daddy and his fellow Cub Scouts.

This was a big step for Peter.  A big step out of his comfort zone.

Routine and predictability are comforts for him.  Sitting around a campfire with 5 other very unpredictable boys?  It was a little scary.

He did have a great time.  But he also had a meltdown.  He was just plain worn out and couldn’t deal with his frustation.

And then something wonderful happened. 

Another parent gave Peter some paper and a pencil.  And he began to draw.

peter drawing campout 1

the Nazi monster truck

4 course dinner drawing

the 4 course dinner

peter drawing campout 2

the daddy minotaur defending the baby minotaur’s cave

You see, these people know Peter.  And they know all about his drawings. 

Drawing is Peter’s release valve. 

If he’s upset, angry, scared, or even just bored, he can find himself in his drawings and release all that negative energy without physically acting out.

And after the drawing, comes the story.  He shares what he sees with his audience.  His whole body delivers the narrative, complete with sound effects and dialog.

This is our artist.  Our storyteller.

I’m so thankful that this kid has found his own way to express himself and to fulfill some of his special needs.  We all need that sometimes.

And I’m so proud of him for being willing to step out of his comfort zone and to do something totally new and different. 

3 Cheers for Peter!