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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Happy Conclusion to the Weekend: Tiny Bedroom Re-Do

Here was the challenge:  rearrange this tiny bedroom to get the maximum use out of it with no new purchases

tiny room re-do


It’s so nice to have your own space to retreat to.  Peter has that now, but it took some doing with a 8’ x 9’ space.

Formerly, this room was a place to sleep, but not a comfortable refuge for play or recharging.  It’s a small space to fit a twin bed, dresser, and toys into and it was literally (really, as in the floor nearly papered with drawings) overrun with clutter.

Pardon me for not including “before” pics, but we decided that the room’s former state was better off as a “bad memory” with no digital evidence.

Problems to solve:

  • clothing storage with easy access for a little boy and minimal use of square footage
  • homes for toys, books, and “treasures” that are easy for a little boy 
  • a place to draw and to put drawings, with supplies at hand for this little artist

This little guy likes to keep everything, even things he’s forgotten he has.  We did have a sit down with him and talk about how Mommy and Daddy were going to rearrange his room and remove the clutter so that he could better use it.  He didn’t really like the idea, but after talking about all the things he wished he could do in there and couldn’t, he was reluctantly onboard with the project.  We promised to save some of his drawings, give him a place to keep them, and to organize things so that it would be easy for him to keep things straight.

changing table boy clothes storageOne plus to this room:

A large walk-in closet!

Peter had been using this closet as a “secret clubhouse,” but in reality, it had become a place to store “cardboard creations.”

Formerly, his clothes were stored in a tall chest of drawers that was placed where you see the drawing table in the first pic.

It dominated the room, the drawers were hard to open and close, and Peter had a hard time remembering what was in what drawer.

An old baby changing table in the closet solved this problem.  He can see at a glance where his shirts, pants, and undies are.  And I can see at a glance what he’s short on.

Ideally, we will build in shelves at the back of the closet at some point to use the space more efficiently, but this works well now and required $0 (the changing table was given to us).

bookcase from a cabinet Every kid needs a place to keep his books, games, and treasures.  This wooden bookshelf was actually a freestanding cabinet that we’ve had forever (before kids forever).  I took the door off (the door that would never stay shut), and suddenly I had a very attractive and sturdy bookcase just the right height for a kid.

Did I mention that I have a tendency to keep things that might be potentially useful?  One of our “sports” around here is to see how many different times we can repurpose a piece of furniture before passing it along to someone else.  It really is an art and I’m loathe to give up a good solid piece.

No little boy room would be complete without a place for all those toys.

I took miscellaneous bins and repurposed them for:

  • mixed toys
  • remote control cars and larger vehicles
  • Lego (of course!)

underbed storageThese easily fit under the bed (only the Lego bin has a cover because Lego seem to be notorious for collecting dust in this house).

decorate with stuffed animalsYou may have noticed a few friends hanging around.

Decorating with stuffed animals can get them up off the floor.

I’m going to need to work with this idea some more when it comes to doing my oldest child’s room (that kid has got a serious zoo in his room).

The very best thing about getting that big chest of drawers out of the room was that it made room for this slanted drafting table with stool and Peter’s true passion:  drawing!

drawing table

This table was a gift from his Grandma Laureen and Aunt Beve for Christmas…and he loves it.  But, we had to keep it downstairs due to space, which caused some problems:

  • It caused clutter downstairs.
  • He couldn’t keep his drawing supplies near it because his 3-year-old sister got into them.
  • He couldn’t “get away” when he needed to (because sometimes you need to get away).

Now he can have his table and his supplies, ready at hand.  The shelf below is the ideal place for him to keep paper, a tray for drawings, pencils, and even a drawing kit.

store supplies under table

This makes him very happy, indeed.

happy boy

We do have one rule for the “new” room.  Peter and Daddy decided on it together, and Peter made himself a sign to remind himself.

rule of the room

It’s also a little easier to get to the walls, now, which means plenty of space to hang up drawings.

How do you make your small spaces work for you?

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