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Friday, August 10, 2012

Our 2012-2013 Curriculum

Now that you know what our goals are, let’s take a look at the tools we plan to use to achieve those goals.
  • Religion/Saints/Bible- David (7th grade) will be using Faith and Life 7 independently, while I will teach Mary (3rd) and Peter (2nd) from Faith and Life 3For saints, we’ll be using Amy Welborn’s Book of Saints and Sister Wendy’s Book of Saints.  For Bible, we will be using Grapevine Studies Old Testament Overview (I don’t see the exact product I have, it looks like they’ve broken it up into parts).
  • Social Studies- Sonlight’s core on the Eastern Hemisphere (5 or F, depending on how old it is).  I got this used (2006 edition), so it varies considerably from the new version.  I will be tweaking this to include all the kiddos, adding videos and picture books, replacing some of the readers with more challenging things for my oldest (many of the readers in this core are more on my 3rd grader’s level).  We are replacing the World Book readings with Circling the Globe.  We may add in Catholic missionary biographies.
  • Art- Everyone will be studying drawing techniques at their own level.  Mary and Peter will be using Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad.  We also have a membership to his video sites, so we’ll add that.  David will be using New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook and Keys to Drawing We will also be doing some bigger projects related to our SL core---I’ve bookmarked a number of free resources online for that (I’ll share as we go through the core).
Peter (2nd Grade)
  • Math- Math in Focus:  The Singapore Approach levels 1B and 2A, textbooks and workbooks.  I’m not using their manipulatives set, I’ve already got all sorts of great RightStart manipulatives that will work great.
  • Language Arts- Spelling Mechanics Homeschool Word Study level 1, copywork, and narrations.  I’m debating over whether to add Writing with Ease or First Language Lessons, but suspect this would be too much for this child.  See, even after 5 years, I still get stuck in the “What should I be doing with my child?” vs. “What does my child need?” debate.
  • Science and Health- Mr. Q’s Elementary Life Science with his sister.  Food:  25 Amazing Projects with his brother and sister.  Edited:  We'll be using Conservation Seeds and leaning more towards a CM approach for our main science.
Mary (3rd Grade)
David (7th Grade)
  • Math- JUMP Math 6:1 & 6:2.  There will be a lot of review here, but the key is to make sure his foundation is strong before heading into higher math.  I compared 6 to 7 and there is a significant jump, so, we may skim through parts, if he finishes early, he can start JUMP 7:1.  We’ll supplement with Learn Math Fast (review coming shortly on this program).  Edited to say:  We're actually tweaking this plan.  LMF will be the spin program, with extras thrown in from JUMP and other resources (more on why and how another time).
  • Language Arts- Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Student Writing Intensive B.  I might attempt to teach this child cursive, but he resists it at every turn.  Written narrations and National Novel Writing Month.
  • Science and Health- Prentice Hall’s Science Explorer.  We have the complete set (2000 edition), he will be choosing topics from that, plus the book on Health and the Human Body.
  • Electives- David will be Mastering New Testament Greek as an independent study.  Resources are here.  This is something he will spend school time on, but not something we’ll be putting in his portfolio for the state.
There are other things that will fit in here and there, but here is the bulk of it.
What curriculum are you using this year?

Disclosure:  I do have a review of Learn Math Fast coming soon (product provided free from the author).  I try to keep “money links” to a minimum around here, but this post does contain a few affiliate links.  Affiliate sales with companies we use help to support our homeschool expenses.  Thank you for your support.

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  1. Tell me more about the Homeschool Mechanics Spelling, mama. Not that I need another spelling program, but it doesn't hurt to know about it right? ;-)


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