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Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Little Rock Hounds

Do your kids collect things?

Is it impossible to resist bringing in a new treasure after every walk?


from my front porch



from my kitchen window



Do you find more than a bit of the outside decorating your home inside?

On our way back from Michigan last month, one of the places we stopped was this Fossil Park in Sylvania, OH.



Have you ever seen a cuter paleontologist?



Egg cartons are a great way to store fossils and rock collections.


Once upon a time, I insisted that the outside stuff stay outside.  And there is something to be said for appreciating things in their natural surroundings. 

But there’s also something about having a row of rocks lined up on the window sill that you won’t get from regular home furnishings.

Enjoy your kids’ passions.  I have a feeling that my home will feel strangely empty when they grow up and take those passions with them.

Linking to Debbie’s Think Back Thursday.  This week’s theme is “rocks.”


What do your kids like to collect?


  1. Thanks so much for linking up Susan. My kids have had a lot of rock collections like yours, I don't think I have any photos of them though. I also love that you kids got to go fossil hunting. My kids found some fossils in some rocks by a hotel we stayed at in PA a bunch of years ago but I don't know if I have photos of that either. My kids have had a lot of collections, some I like, some not so much. My boys especially like collecting Legos. Those I like, unless I am stepping on them in bare feet. My oldest daughter collects elephants and my younger daughter dolphins and giraffes. I collect books!!!! (lol) and I have a lot of stuffed bears and beanie babies as well.

    Thanks for joining my me and I hope you will participate again in the future.

  2. I hear you on the Legos. We actually have a Lego "room." ;0)

    Thank you for hosting the link up.

  3. My boys have all loved to collect rocks. They just had a blast on a fossil 'hunt' last week. Their dad is the same way and has specimens lining our windows in our bedroom. Back in Maryland, they had the deck railing lined with rocks.

  4. What has surprised me is that the girls are really into collecting rocks, too, in fact I often have a pocket full of treasures to carry back home for them when we go for a walk (because most girl clothes don't have pockets ;0).


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