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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Backyard’s a Jungle

Nobody is ever going to accuse me of having a perfectly manicured yard and garden. ;0)




I admit that I am garden lazy.  Weeds can be a very effective mulch for keeping the moisture in, as long as you don’t let them crowd out your other plants.  And that invasive mint will save me the expense of wood chips.




No, I do not spend my weekends trimming and weeding.



Or ripping out “volunteers.”

We enjoy the flowers in the cracks as much as the flowers in the flowerbeds.  And they are lovely.




You could get lost in our lilacs.  Great for hide-and-seek.  And for sheltered birds’ nests.



So, yeah, my yard may seem a little messy to the uninitiated.  But to us it’s more like a little world unto itself, smack in the middle of main street, tucked between row houses, hidden behind a privacy fence.


  1. I have this one plant that started to grow in one of my vacant pots (this should have been my first clue)..ANYWAY, I love it and it looks so interesting..come to find out, it was just a WEED...but it is thriving and almost looks like a cactus!

    In my hometown in Canada, the mayor loves dandylions and forbids anyone to spray their lawns to kill them, cool huh?

  2. My kids love to bring me bouquets of dandelions, lol! The thing about "weeds" is they are easy to grow, and, yes, often interesting to look at.


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